~08-His Fake-a*s Bimbo~

"How was that?" I ask, turning to face Anthony with a shit-eating grin plastered on my lips.

Why the heck am I joyed so over-joyed? 

Surprisingly though, he grins right back "Not bad for a girl"

Maybe it won't be total hell living with this guy for a few months after all 

"A girl? What's that supposed to mean?" I try to frown but fail miserably

"Oh nothing" he raises his hand in a 'surrender' gesture

"Good. Thought I'd be having your head for my first meal" 

He chuckles, a light, quiet one laced with amusement "I see I've married a feisty soul"

"Oh, trust me you don't know yet" 

He makes no move to leave so I hop out first and turn in the direction of the house but I freeze on the spot as the house comes into full view.

It's not a house. Mansion hardly describes it. Palace comes close. It is a series of rectangles constructed of steel and glass. It's unapologetically modern.

The sides are polished

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