~09-Hell's Reaction~

"Dad says to give you this" Anthony says in his usual impassive tone as he stretches a brand new IPhone 12 towards me.

The phone pack glitters in my eyes and the imaginary sound of a magic wand in a fairy tale movie  fills my ears.

Tempting as it is though, I have to decline. I will not allow myself to be indebted to these people in any way.

"No" I say simply and go back to scrolling through my Instagram feed on my iPhone 8.

I glance up just in time to see his impassive look morph into one of confusion.

"What do you mean 'no'?" He mutters, his look and tone impassive once again.

"Mr. Trevelyan, I'm sure you're not dumb. The word 'no' can be defined as an act or instance of denying or refusing. It is a negative vote or decision. What don't you understand, Sir?" I blink up at him with an innocent smile playing on my lips.

He's not the playful guy I met the day I married him. As the days went by he's morphed into something humourless, with

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