Chapter 1: Aksha

I woke up lazily and rub my eyes as I yawned, I stretched my arms and stood up. My body is still aching because of the five boxes of new coffee cups that we bought yesterday. Well, our manager ordered us to do it because Emilio was nowhere to be found.

He should be the one who will pick up the packs, but it ended up to us that's why I'm having body pain now. Tsk! I'm sure that he visited his girlfriend that was why he was missing in action. And for Pete's sake! Manager Ty was furious about it. God knows what Manager can do to him because of being irresponsible at work.

He should be focusing on working than being problematic with a temporary relationship. You know, a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is not for a lifetime. People change, as well as their feelings. 

"Oh! It is good that you're already awake." I rolled my eyes at Feyra, my best friend. It is a good thing that Feyra is here, she was the one who insisted that I can temporarily live with her in her apartment.

Feyra is a gorgeous lady and fine lady. She has shiny black hair that reached above her waist, have a pointed nose, thin red lips, perfect eyebrows, and beautiful blue eyes. We became friends since then, and now she is my co-worker and it was amazing that we built a strong relationship with each other. But I'm quite ashamed because of her kindness. Hopefully, I'll be able to give back all her goodness to me. 

"Thank you for waking me up," I gibed. 

"Sorry, I just don't want to disturb the sleeping beauty." She laughed. I shook my head and walk toward the bathroom so I can freshen up myself.

I opened the shower and started humming. 

I licked my lips as I started to rub the soap on my body. While rubbing, I stared at the ceiling and realized that I survived along in my twenty years of living. Well, being alone in the countryside is difficult for me. Growing up without a family is such a pain in my heart because every time I looked at my surroundings, all I can see is the family that I wish I could have.

Yes, I was an orphan.

I don't know why I am alone in the street. I became a beggar until I met Feyra. And yes, because of her, I experienced having a family. Her family becomes my family so I am really thankful that she approached me. However, as I get older, I decided to separate from them. I just can't believe that Feyra will be my workmate because it's been a year since the last time we saw each other. 

I let out a small smile. If I will be going back to the past, sure thing, I will wish that I will meet her. My best friend.

"Aksha! Are you done?" I was startled because of Feyra's voice and a loud knock on the door.

"Not yet!" 

"Just be quick! I want to pee!" I laughed at what she said so I do my shower faster than normal.

I turned off the shower and get my towel to dry up my body. The water is so cold, and I love it. 

I was about to roll the towel around my body when I suddenly notice my palms. My heart started beating wildly as I stare at my palms. 

Why... Why do my palms are like this? 

I eyed it for a couple of minutes. And realized that my palms really grew some hair. 

What is happening to me? Is this normal? 

I shook my head and started to blink three times. But I am not hallucinating! My palms do have hair right now.

"Shit!" I grumbled.

I instantly walk towards the cabinet, wherein the razor is placed. My hands are quite shaking because of nervousness. For goodness sake! Having hair in the palm is unnecessary. Who would have a hairy palm? And why didn't I notice it earlier?

I started to shave my palms. And feeling the loud thump of my heart while watching the hair falls to the ground. It is giving me goosebumps. 

After shaving my palms, I breathed heavily and rolled the towel around my body. 

"Thank goodness!" She said when I opened the door. 

I was startled a bit when she dragged me out of the bathroom so that she can enter. I shook my head and walk toward the closet to dress up. I grabbed my white tee, denim pants, and my undergarments. I immediately wear my clothes and combed my hair.

After fixing myself, I cook a sunny-side-up egg for our breakfast and toast a loaf of bread. While waiting for Feyra, I read the newspaper that was given earlier. Well every morning, the newspaper guy will give us home by home to be updated. 

"Monsters, are they real?" I read out loud the headline and my brows creased as I saw the picture taken two days ago at a place, miles away from our town.

The picture shows a person's body. Looks like they torture him. I felt a shiver down my spine because of it. Theirs no safe place nowadays.

"Looks like it doesn't make by a human," I quavered.


"Ahhh!" I shrieked and held my chest.

"You look scared!" Feyra started to laugh at me. I scowled at her and put the newspaper over the table.

"So you read it," she nagged. "Hmm... That's why you look so scared."

I rolled my eyes. "It is because of you."

"Yeah, right!" She sat in front of me and started eating so I started to eat also.

"Do you believe in the headline?" She asked while munching her bread.

"Monsters aren't true." 

"What if they are?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "We are already in the 21st century. They should stop spreading that news. We all knew that monsters are just a product of our imaginations."

"They think that is made by a wolf." 

I sneered. "Wolves are just myths."

"What if they are true? My goodness! I want to see the legendary white wolf. According to the tales, the white wolf is the blessing from above."

"Stop. It is just a tale, stop saying what-ifs. Because they are not true."

"Well, they saw a—"

"I don't care," I said and continue eating. I saw Feyra pouted so I shook my head and heave a sigh.

She really loves fantasy. While I, don't. I hate fantasy because it makes people believe the impossible things in life.

After eating, I washed the dishes and brush my teeth. 

"Let's go," Feyra said. I just nodded and put the bag's strap on my shoulder. I combed my hair using my finger and followed her. I locked the door and we started to walk.

The coffee shop where we are working is not that far. It's a walking distance so we don't need to waste our money just to commute.

"I feel that Mr. Ty is still mad."

"Who wouldn't?" I held the strap of my bag and added, "It is still work hours when he left. And duh! Just for his girlfriend?"

"Well, maybe there's something bad happened." I just shrugged my shoulders.

I understand Mr. Ty if he is still mad today. Because Emilio is an employee, and for goodness sake! He didn't excuse himself. Well, maybe there's an emergency like what Feyra said. But I hope he shouldn't be fired because he's the only man in our work.

He's assigned to pick up new things for the shop. If he'll be gone, how can we handle it? We don't have a bulky body, and look at me! My body is still aching.

As we arrived at the shop, we stop for a moment and heard Mr. Ty's voice. It is like a rumble of thunder because of the madness tone that we are hearing and seeing. He's pointing his index finger at Emilio while his face were already red because of irritation. 

"You should tell us where are you going!" 

I licked my bottom lip. Well, I didn't imagine that Mr. Ty is really like this when he's mad. I'm not going to wonder if he throws some things at Emilio. 

"I'm sorry."  

Mr. Ty sighed. "Well, pack your things. And you're fired!" 

"Gosh!" Feyra silently reacted. I shook my head as we watch Emilio leaving.

Well, we can't do anything about it. But! How can we handle the packages and the picking? My goodness! Good luck to us. 

"I can't believe that Mr. Ty really fired Emilio." 

I massaged my nose bridge. "Just be it."

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