Chapter 2: Golden Eyes

"Aksha, serve this on table two." I nodded at Feyra and held the tray.

It is a busy day today because of the newcomers who will visit Hasila Museo, the famous museum here in Albinia. Hasila has its memorable things and histories that will surely be like by the tourists. I think that they also have a map that was known as the map of seven kingdoms in the world of fantasy, in history.  

But it didn't hook my attention because I am not a fan of fantasy stories which are supernatural and unbelievable. Like werewolves, vampires, magics, and so on.

"Here's your order, Ma'am." I put her order over the table while showing my sweet smile. She smiled back at me and give thanks.


I looked at the man who called me and walk towards him. He looks so dashing in his formal attire. Looks like he's a responsible businessman. 

"What's the matter, Sir?"

"Can I get your number?" He asked. I slightly shook my head.


He chortled. "You're funny, miss. What I mean is your cellphone number."

"I don't have one. And if you don't have a problem here, please, excuse me." I bowed down while hugging the tray. 

"Feisty." I didn't look back and continue to leave him. I don't want that much of interaction with our customers, most especially when it comes to men like him. 

The coffee shop is now full and lively. This time is hard for the three of us, well including Mr. Ty, to work. I am the only waiter because Feyra is the one who is assigned at the counter. So I need to do my best even if my arms are starting to ache, again. 

"Calling, Ms. Carie," Feyra announced. It's a good thing that some of the customers wanted to take out their orders because I can rest for a little while.

Six hours of working and finally, our day ends. I was currently mopping the floor, and Feyra is the one who cleans the table while Mr. Ty is checking the total income we have gotten for this day. 

"Why so boring?" Feyra wondered. I shrugged my shoulders and continue to mop the floor. 

It's already six in the evening, and I am already tired. I want to rest and lay down on my bed while hugging my throw pillow. My body is aching, feeling stress. How would I survive, if I am always like this? I imagine that in just a month, I will collapse. My goodness!

It is really exhausting. My eyelids want to shut down and I can't keep on yawning. 

"I'm done!" Feyra exclaimed. 

"Okay, girls. You may leave." 

I glanced at Mr. Ty. "But I am not done with the floor," I licked my lips and added, "I can't leave."

"No, it is okay. I will continue doing that, so better go home because I know that you two were already exhausted since earlier."

"Oh my! You're a kind-hearted boss," Feyra said with her brittle voice. I just shook my head because of my overreacting bestfriend.

"I know, go! Before I changed my mind." And because of that, we quickly removed our aprons and get our things.

"Thanks, Mr. Ty," I said softly and let myself be dragged by Feyra.

Well, Mr. Ty is not really a strict type of boss, I mean those who are easier to get mad in a simple mistake that their employees do. To be honest, he is one of a man that will be admired by the woman around him. He has a charismatic personality, a good-looking man because of his fixed hair and jawline, and he is a hard-working and righteous man that everyone may dream of. 

I may say that I'm quite attracted to him. Well, everyone does. 

"Mr. Ty is hot when he's kind to us," Feyra said with a matter-of-fact.


"And you like him!" I blushed at what she conversed with. 


"Well, I find him hot. So I will not be surprised to know because your voice earlier when you said thanks, is so soft and... Cute." She laughed and pinched my cheek.

I pouted. "I just admired his consistency to work."  

"Yeah, right." She rolled her eyes as we continue to walk. 

When we got home, I walk towards my room while Feyra decided to take a bath. I don't want to take a shower because I'm really tired and all I want to do now is to sleep and hug my pillow. I just changed my clothes and lay down in my bed.

My eyes started to blur with a coruscating light. I'm standing in nothingness so I decided to walk and find a person to ask where am I. But, the place started to wobble as it glimmers, colors playing from blue to white, and gold makes me glow.

"Aksha..." The disembodied voice filled my ears that makes me shiver.

"Who are you?" 

"Child, come and see the light. Make it glow to your heart, and your aureate eyes will be finally seen. Accept the changes because fate is starting to rule."


"Lunaria is my name. Go, and seek for who I am." I was eaten by an illuminating light and heard her added, "I was the one who lights the world when the dark comes."

"Who are—"

"Aksha Beatrix Aslenovie!" I woke up because of Feyra's voice. I felt a burning sensation in my heart as well as in my eyes.

"Woah!" Feyra's eyes widened and added, "Where and when did you buy that contact lens?" 

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

She sighed. "And you are wearing that when you're sleeping? You know that contact—"

"Wait! What are you saying? Enlighten me, please."

"For Pete's sake! You are wearing a gold contact lenses, and the hell! That looks so natural!" She exclaimed.

I'm confused. I am wearing... What? But I don't remember myself putting a gold contact lenses in my eyes. Is she joking?

"I didn't put any."

Her brows creased and dragged the mirror over the table. "Look!"

I held the mirror and look at my eyes' reflection.

"What the!" I exclaimed. I blinked three times, but the color of my eyes didn't change.

"See? Where did you buy that?" 

My hands started to shake because of nervousness. Suddenly, the burning sensation I'm feeling earlier comes back together with a flashback. 

"Accept the changes because fate is starting to rule."

The voice from my dream recalled.

"What the fudge! You also have golden hair strands! How come? Are you becoming a rebel, Aksha?" 

I checked my hair and realized that some of my hair strands were gold.

"I-I don't know..." I said tautly. 

What's happening? I stare at my reflection. My golden eyes shimmer. I don't understand, what is happening to me? The changes in my body makes me anxious. I think this will lead me to a disaster. 

"Shit!" Feyra reacted as the mirror broke. 

"W-what is happening to me?" 

"Are you crazy?"

"Lunaria... I need to find—"

"Wait! How did you know her? I thought you are not a fan of fantasy and myths. But why did you know her?" I gaze at her.

"I don't know her, she talked to me in my dreams." 

"Wow! Yeah sure, the goddess will talk to you," she bantered. I looked at her frustratedly, trying to understand everything. 

"I'm not making up!" 

"If you say so."

I heave a sighed. "Who is she? Why did you know her? Where can I find her?"

"Easy," she chuckled and added, "You can't see her because she is the moon goddess."

"Are you kidding me?"

"I'm not, wait." 

I watched her as she gets her favorite book over the study table. I shook my head and breathes out exaggeratedly.


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, she is the goddess of the moon. Lunaria is the one who mates her child. Well, she's calling the werewolves her children because she is their goddess," she explained and handed me the book.

I opened the book and read few paragraphs that explains who Lunaria is. But I am still confused and lost because of my dream.

It feels real. But I know it can't be real.

"Some dreams are meant to happen," Feyra's statement left me dumbfounded.

How come?

"Child, come and see the light. Make it glow to your heart, and your aureate eyes will be finally seen. Accept the changes because fate is starting to rule."

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