Chapter 3: Howling Voice

"Hey! You're overthinking." I looked at Feyra. 

We are currently buying some stocks here in the supermarket. And all the time, my mind is nowhere to be found. Seems like I'm stuck with the thought of having golden eyes. 

Who wouldn't think about it? For Pete's sake! The color of my eyes was black, then suddenly, turned into gold? Who on earth will be happy about it? Also, my hair does have some golden strands, and my palms grew some hair, again, even if I shave it day by day.

Am I still normal? 

I looked around and realize that people are different in their ways. Our physique may be differ depending on our genes and lifestyle. Some may be so thin, fat, didn't have a flawless skin, black skin color, and white. We are unique and must accept our flaws.

But why can't I accept myself? Simply, because this is not normal. 

"Come on, Aksha." 


Feyra decided to eat in a restaurant near the supermarket. Well, I can't ignore the fact that we are hungry because it is already lunchtime.

"So, what do we have here?" She glanced at the menu and started to flip the pages. 

Hmm... I want to eat roasted chicken. Its taste is already playing on my tongue. The juiciness of it every time I will take a bite of it and the tenderness that will give as I savor every moment. Feeling the cloud nine moment and the craving factor with rice, of course.

I want it! Okay, roasted chicken for the lunch!

"I want roasted chicken, and can you add more rice, please." I smiled at the waiter and give him back the menu.

"Mine is salad, and strawberry shake."

"Oh wait! I want iced coffee for me," I added and smiled at the waiter who looks shy.

"Orders noted, wait for a minutes lady." He looked at me and I saw him blushed. "Your golden eyes fits you, miss."

I stopped for a moment and let out a small smile. "Thanks."

While waiting for our food, I scanned the place. Why do the people who eat here are more likely couples? I shook my head at my question. This fancy restaurant gives a chilling vibe because of the classical music that they are playing, the tables are properly aligned and designed. The theme is more likely for couples because of the orchestra and dim lights, well that answered my question earlier. 

It feels like I am having a date. But yeah, this is the only restaurant here. We don't have a choice because we're so hungry, so grab the opportunity. Kidding!

I tapped my fingers over the table. The aroma of freshly cooked foods is fiddling in my nose. I'm drooling right now, I can't wait for my roasted chicken.

"Stop that." I look at Feyra who seems to be bothered so I stop tapping the table.


She just rolled her eyes and took out her cellphone. She's really a 21st-century woman, while me, maybe an old school? Well, I don't have a cellphone because I rather buy food than things that can be replaced using a letter or a meet-up. 

You know, food is life. Eat while you can, save is the key. You will be boosted every day as well as you can save money, right? Try to compare it. Buying food or buying a new cellphone? 

"Here's your order, Ma'am."

My eyes shined as I saw my roasted chicken placed over our table. I'm drooling, for real. I can smell its aroma—

"Mr. Ty texted." I rolled my eyes as Feyra interrupted my affection for the roasted chicken.

"Then?" I licked my lips while eyeing the roasted chicken and added, "What did he say?"

I grabbed my roasted chicken and started to smell it like a crazy woman. I'm sorry, but I can't take it anymore. I'm obsessing over the roasted chicken.

"He said that you must pick the packages of new coffee flavor on Colambi. It's only two boxes so you don't have to worry, and he'll let you drive our pick-up car."

I sneered and rolled my eyes. I became an instant picking up girl when he fired Emilio. But I can't do anything about it because Mr. Ty will be the one to follow so I must shut up.

"Let's eat." 

This is heaven! I smell it for a couple of seconds and started eating. I can't help but crave more, and I don't know what is happening to me. To be honest, I'm not a meat lover. But when I saw the roasted chicken on the menu, it makes me drool big time. 

"Hey, take it slow." I nodded and suddenly get the chicken legs using my hand.

"This is so good."

"It's a miracle that you find the meat good to eat. Because as far as I know, you are such a hater." I glanced at her and saw her smirking.

"You look pregnant—" her eyes widened and added, "Are you pregnant?" 

"What the hell are you saying?" My eyes squinted as I asked her. 

"You are not?" She breathed out looking so relieved at what I asked.

"Okay you are not," her eyes narrowed and added, "But why are you eating the food you hated the most?"

I shrugged my shoulders and continue to eat.  

This is heaven!


"Here is the car's key. Be careful on the road, we humans, are prone to accident." I nodded as Mr. Ty give me the car's key. "And if you hear anything, just drive and don't mind it. Understand?" He added.


"Okay, you may go." I nodded at him and turned to exit the shop.

I started playing the key using my fingertips while whistling as I walk towards the vehicle. 

"Aksha." I was stunned when I heard a familiar voice.

Goosebumps. I looked around but I didn't saw anyone around me so I decided to walk fast and get inside the driver's seat. I heave a sighed and shook my head as I started the engine.

Be safe, Aksha.

Almost three hours of driving when I finally arrived at the entrance of Colambi. But this place is creeping me out because I can't see individuals walking or driving. It's only my car that can see here. It looks so strange and eerie, but I can feel the peace.

When I reached the factory, I licked my lips and walked towards the entrance as I saw some workers who are holding some boxes.

"Excuse me," I hesitantly said just to get their attention.

"Yes? What can we do for you?"

"I am here to pick up our orders." I give them the receipt.

I lowered my gaze because of uneasiness. My breathing becomes shaky for unknown reasons.

"Follow us," said the man in a brown shirt.

I followed them to enter the factory. I was ecstatic when I turned my gaze in every corner of the factory. I can also smell the aroma of coffee beans. Compared to what I notice earlier, this factory is much good and it looks wonderful because of the machines and other things that lightened up the dull mood.

"Just wait here." I nodded and sat on the couch.

It's past seven in the evening when I stood up. I waited for almost three hours! 

"Here's the packages." I sighed and held the two boxes.

I tilted my head as my face changes because of the heavy boxes. Gosh! Why it's so heavy?

"Thanks," I said and left immediately. 

When I got out, I felt a shiver down to my spine because of darkness and breezy air. I just shook my head and walk towards the car. I put the boxes in the compartment, and after, I get in the driver's seat.

The ride was smooth even if it's dark and silent. 


What is that? I started to feel tense as my drive is starting to slow.


I stopped on my track as I heard it again.


The howling voice makes me stunned. What the hell is that? I decided to check it out so I get off the car.

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