Chapter 4: Moon Goddess

My brows creased as I realized that I'm going to enter a forest. How come that in the middle of Colambi, there is a forest? But it doesn't make me terrified at all, I'm just quite nervous because of many what-ifs. But I shook it off away in my head.

They are not true. I nodded at myself and continue to walk until I make it far from the road. 

I gulped as the breezy cold air touched my skin. And every step I made, the sounds of crackling dry leaves is echoing throughout the forest. I look at the sky and realize that the moon is brighter than its normal light. 

 "Aksha..." I'm about to step but stopped as I heard again the voice that I heard before. And suddenly, the howls started to roar inside the forest. Making me hitched my breath.

I clasp my hands as I felt it trembling a little. 

"This is the time..."

My brows creased as the howls become louder and stronger. Feeling like they are near, makes my heart beats so fast and forgetting its rhythm. The air becomes violent as if a storm will come, and the trees started to jiggle, seemingly to strike me at any time. 

"What is happening?" I can't help but speak out loud my question. The dried leaves were starting to hit my face, leaving some scratches.

Goodness, gracious! What kind of leaves are those? I hissed.

I looked up at the sky as I noticed the light that is coming out. It's started to gleam lights like what I saw in my dreams. From blue to white, and gold that makes me glow. Yes, I was astonished that I am glowing, but feeling the burning sensation inside me makes me want to scream out loud.

It feels like something wants to comes out in my body. 

I closed my eyes as I kneeled. My whole body is starting to ache. 

"Aksha..." I opened my weary eyes, and I saw a gorgeous woman whose hair is glowing, her whole body rather.

Am I in some kind of a movie? What is this... A joke? How would she glow?

"I am Lunaria," my eyes widened and she added, "I know you already know me, but your mind didn't want to believe it."

I scanned her. She's wearing clothes like what I saw in the book of Greeks, Feyra's book. She has gleaming golden eyes, her skin is white, her hair is slightly curled, her pointed nose, thin pinkish lips, and she's standing in front of me with so much confidence. 


The wild air calms down as she gestures her hand. She looks at me and placed her hand in front of me, and it forms a light. In just a glimpse, the pain that I'm feeling is now gone. 

I gulped as I stared at her. Her tantalizing eyes are smiling at me with gladness as well as her lips formed a small smile.

"W-what do you want from me?"

Maybe I'm just dreaming, so better go with the flow. I nodded at my thought.

"My child, I am here to finally welcome you. This is the time, prophecy started when you two were born in pain." I looked at her, looking so puzzled about what she is saying.

"I can't..."

She smiled at me. "It was years ago, a white wolf and human were mated with each other... But pain sucked the other one, that makes it hard for the whole clan."


"The one died peacefully, the other one lives with so much hatred," I saw how her eyes softened and added, "Accept who you are and seek for the answers. Soon you'll understand... That everything does have a reason."

"What do you mean?" I can't help but be annoyed. "I can't understand what is happening! This is just a dream, right?"

She shook her head and smiled. "Hairy palms, golden eyes, and golden hair. Open your eyes and feel it."

"How did you know?"

"Feel it Aksha. Close your eyes, and feel who really you are." 

I gulped. And because of confusion, I close my eyes and again, I held my chest as I felt the burning pain. Suddenly I saw a scene wherein a woman is transforming into a wolf, a beautiful white wolf. She looks so sweet because of her smile.

My love, my child. 

I was shocked when I heard a different voice.

W-who are you?

I stared at the white wolf.

Accept who you are.

That was her word, and I nodded. I glanced at my palm and got stunned when it becomes hairy. My agonizing eyes are waiting for the next, and I was about to scream when it shifted to fur legs like the white wolf that I saw.

"Welcome, Aksha Beatrix Aslenovie." And in just a glimpse, I jump and become a white wolf.


"The real you." 

I glanced at Lunaria. "Transform me back to my human form! Please!"


"I-I don't want this! Bring me back to... I am not this, you curse me! Bring back my human form," I beg as I felt my tears starting to flow. "Please... I don't want to be a monster."

I saw a flickered of pain in her eyes. "Wolves are not."

"They eat humans! The news says it all." Yes, I'm starting to believe it. Because now, I realized that fantasies can be real.

"Wolves are not."

"And how can you explain it?" 

She heaves a sigh and gestures her hand. I covered myself using my hands and took my clothes, I walk towards the tree and started to dress up. I got terrified because of what happened, it feels like a curse because of the sudden change.

Why did I become one?

My confusions drowned me deeper as I realized that Lunaria was already gone, and the moon's light comes back to normal.

"Where is she?" I asked out of the blue.

I heave a sigh and took my way back to the road. 


"What takes you so long?" He massaged his nose bridge and added, "For goodness sake! It's already eleven!" 

I bit my lower lip as I diverted my gaze. He's really mad, and I will not be surprised if I got fire. This is my fault, I hope I followed what he said. He already warned me that I shouldn't mind what I will hear. But it is too late, curiosity has eaten me.

And now, being a wolf is bothering me. 

"I'm..." I can't continue my words because my mind is in a daze right now. 

"You're unbelievable, Aksha."

"I... Just fire me."

"No. If something's bothering you, go and fix yourself." 


"I said, you look bothered by something. So now, I understand you." His face softened. "Go or I will fire you."

I heave a sigh and started to walk out of the shop. Feyra is already home, so I will walk all by myself.

My love, my child. 

Unconsciously, my tears fell as I recalled what the foreign voice said. I felt an arousing feeling thinking that she's connected with me. I am lost.

When I reached our apartment, I knocked on the door.

"My goodness! You're home." Feyra hugged me which makes me flinched a little bit.

"Yes, I am."

"I'm worried about you. But Mr. Ty was more anxious, he keeps on calling and asking me if you're already home because he thought that maybe you're here, and you'll going to just bring the packages tomorrow because you're tired."

"Actually, he's mad," I slouched on my sit and added, "But he didn't fire me."

"That's odd." I nodded and closed my eyes.

She slapped my arm which causes me to groan. "What's your problem?"

"My problem is you! Did you know how you make us worried? For goodness sake! We can't reach you because you don't have a phone. Better buy one, tomorrow—"

"I talked to her," I said and opened my eyes. I looked at the ceiling as remembering what happened in Colambi.

"Who?" I shook my head.

I bet she's going to laugh at me because I am also getting crazy with such fantasy, like her. 

But it's still bothering me. What I'm going to do now? And I am starting to doubt myself. Am I truly a human? Or a monster.

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