Chapter 5: White Wolf

"One latte, please."

It's been three days since I had encountered the most surreal event that ever happened in my life. And still, now, it's bothering me.

The changes are getting bigger as the days pass by. I started craving more meats, but I resisted eating those. I even bought a contact lens that was the same color as my eyes before, and it is black. But I can't stop my eyes to glow when the moon shines so bright every evening. I tried to pluck some of my golden hair strands, but it doesn't work because when I woke up the next day, a new golden hair will be seen. And every day, I always shave my hairy palms.

Why did I do to experience this? Am I really one of them?

Those were the questions that keep on haunting me. But I can't find any answers, making me more confused each day. 

"Hey." I looked at my side and realization hits me.

I am working, so better set aside those things that bother me. 

Feyra sighed and give me the tray. "Serve that on table 10. And please, stop overthinking Aksha."

I just nodded at her and held the tray. I smiled out my thoughts to avoid being occupied by it. I walk towards table 10 at my fast pace, I need to work fast because the customers are flooding our shop. This time is lunch, so we already expected numbers of customers. 

I walk towards the table wherein I'm supposed to serve. I smiled as the customers gaze at me, I felt awkward because they are looking at me like an artist, the admiration was visible in their eyes.

"You have gold hair?" The girl curiously asked as I put the cups over their table.

"Kind of."

"That was awesome!"

"You think so?" 

She smirked. "Of course, I have a red one."

I was shocked when she showed me some of her hair strands. It doesn't look colored, much more, it is natural! But how?


"I love the smell of your blood." She licked her lower lip, and I was shocked when I saw a glimpse of her eyes becomes red. 

I gulped. Instead of replying, I smiled at them as I hug the tray I'm holding. 

"Already serve, have a nice coffee time," I said and bowed down.

I massaged my temple while walking towards the counter. That girl creeps the shit of me. I felt like anytime soon, she will be going to suck my blood because I recognized her by the words she said.

She's indeed a vampire. And she recognized my existence, as a wolf. Seriously, everything in my life is surreal.

I shook away my thoughts as I reached the counter. I saw Mr. Ty looking at me intently while cleaning his glasses. He motioned his hands at me, signaling that come with him so as he walked away, I followed him to the locker room.

"I can feel your confused aura."

I was dumbfounded. What does he mean by that?

I pinned some of my hair behind my ear. "What do you mean?"

"Don't make yourself weak, face your problems, kid. I can see that you're a little bit confused, and it's affecting your work," he sighed and added, "I hope you'll be enlightened, and be better soon. Just wanted to say those because I'm watching your moves earlier. And it makes me worry."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay, let's get back to work." I smiled at him and nodded.

Yeah, that scene was confusing me, affecting my work. But how can I answer my confusion when I didn't exactly know how? She said I must seek the answers, but how will I do that if I didn't know how to start?

I walked towards the comfort room. As I walked inside, I locked the door and stare in the mirror. I heave a sigh as I removed my contact lens, I also untied my hair and then stared at my appearance in front of the mirror. My skin becomes white as snow compared to my skin color last month, my golden eyes glow brighter, seemingly wants me to realize who really am.

What I'm going to do, now that I can't stop this? 

I stared for a couple of minutes and realizations hit me so hard enough to think of coming back to the forest and to meet again the Goddess. I must do it because I'm sick of looking for the answers that I cannot find in this world. 

I will finally accept myself? No, I am not. And never be loving this mystery of my life. 

I need to leave now. I came out of the bathroom and took my notebook out of my locker, this notebook contains my life, my diary. I also got my pen and started writing my farewell. I won't show myself anymore because I know they will be bombarding me with questions about it m, so I'd better just go and will leave them this letter.

After writing, I put it over the locker so they can easily see it. I get my things and packed up, I tied my hair, leaving my eyes in natural gold. And then left without any trace, I get a cab and told him where the place is, but his uneasy presence caught my attention.


"Are you sure you are going to Colambi?" He queried. I even saw his glimpse through the rearview mirror. 

"What's wrong about it?" 

He looked terrified, and it's making me frustrated as hell. He can't even abide by the fact that I am going to that place.

"You didn't know?"

"Know about what?"

"That place was killed almost half of people living in that location. That's why no people are residing there, they are afraid that they might get the same fate as the others. And they say, every night, when the incandescent moon shows, howls will be heard." 

My brows furrowed. He's actually right but, there's a factory there. "But there's a factory there."

"You're joking, Miss." He maneuvered the car in its fast mode.

"I am not." 

"You're crazy." I just bit my lip and think deeper.

How come does manager Ty order a pack in that location, if there's no one residing there? And what the! I saw human beings there so it is impossible. 

But yeah, I can't change the fact that the whole place is eerie. 

Hours in the road, the car stops in front of the entrance of Colambi. I can see the signage outside, and the whole place looks in mess, compared to the last time.

"I'm sorry, Miss. I can't pass into because they say that I will be unfortunate once that I put my foot inside this forbidden place." I just nodded at him, and give him tips. 

I tightened my grip on the strap of my back while watching the cab leaving me in this place. I heave a sigh as I started to walk. It feels like I'm in the middle of nowhere, the silence of this place makes me shiver, and it's creepier than before. Dried leaves are all over the place, and I can even hear clearly the wiggle of the leaves. I glanced at the sky, and almost hitched my breath when I notice that it's becoming dark in every step I made.

What happened in this place? It becomes worse than before.

I continued to walk, but my senses warn me. I can feel that someone is watching every step I made, and I can hear his steps and the cracking sound of dried leaves. Based on the steps he made, he's obviously a boy because the step he made was heavy unlike us, girls. 

When he attacks me, can I still be alive?

I gulped and continue to walk. As I reached the forest, I stand in the exact area where the Lunaria showed up.

"Lunaria!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

I shouted ten times, but she didn't show up. Where is she? 

"Lun—" I was suddenly startled when I felt something rapidly moving towards me. So I immediately bent down and felt it hit the ground.

An arrow?

"Come out! Who are you?" I shouted.

But I quickly step back when someone howled and a wolf jump in front of me. Was he the one who's following me earlier? A wolf?

"And who is this girl? Is she aware that this place is not for the mortals?"

My brows furrowed as I heard his voice, but his eyes were just glaring at me. He's a gray wolf, and his aura is strong, but it is not enough to make my knees tremble.

"I am Aksha," I answered.

"What the hell! Did she just heard me?"

"Yes, loud and clear."

He suddenly steps back so I looked at him in wonder.

"A-are you a wolf?"

I heave a sighed. "I think so."


"I'm a white wolf."


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