Chapter 6: Lunarias Kingdom

I was staring at the gray wolf who seems to look at me like I am the biggest joke in his life, I pouted my lips as I learned about his reaction.

He wants to burst out laughing.

"Go on, you can laugh. I don't care if you'll do." I rolled my eyes.

"Wait a minute, I need to be in my human form." I watch him as he runs behind the huge tree.

Is he naked? I gulped because of my question. But maybe, his clothes were there because he decided to go behind that tree. 


I look at him as he shows himself. My jaw almost dropped as he showers my eyes with his gorgeous face. He's pretty good for a wolf, and what the! I think that wolves do have a better face than mortals. He is standing in front of me proudly, showing me his defined body, and his jaw was defined as well his height... Well six-footer, I guess. He's really tall. His eyes were also golden like mine, indeed beautiful, his pointed nose and red lips make me want to squeal because of his perfection. 

I felt insecure because of it. Yeah, I'm a girl, but looking at him now makes me want to hit him because of having a good complexion.

"You're mesmerized." He smirked. "I know that I'm too hot, so stop staring at me because it's rude."

"An arrogant wolf," I mumbled making his right brow rose. 

"And you? You're saying that you are a white wolf. You're arrogant in us," he smirked and added, "How can I believe you if I didn't see you being one? Or maybe, you're spying on us." 

I slowly take my step back, but he also makes his step slowly to reach me. I And I could feel the fire burning in his person as if he was very angry. I just couldn’t understand what was the reason for his anger, not just because he had mistaken me for an opponent, there was an even deeper reason because I could clearly see it in his eyes.

Pain, sadness, anger. That's what I see in his eyes, but his lips are smiling as if you thought he was calm, but he was ready to torture you.

"H-hey," I stammered. 

"Are you one of them, pretending to be an innocent?" 

My jaw dropped at what he said. "What? I don't understand you. I'm just here because..."

Can I say to him that I'm calling out Lunaria? What if he'll kill me? 

"Because?" He licked his lips as well as he narrowed his eyes on me. 

He's creeping the shit of me! I know that he's pretty well, but his presence becomes dark. And it's making my knees tremble. 

"I'm lost. I know you wouldn't believe me, but I am a white wolf."

He stopped his steps and crossed his arms, brows rose, and glowing golden eyes. "If you are, be one. You keep on saying you are a white wolf, but why can't you form into one?" 


"I..." He mimicked.

"I don't know how."

He hissed. "How come?"

"I really don't know. But can't you see the color of my eyes? It is gold." I pointed my eyes, but it seems that he doesn't care.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm Jestov, and yours?"


"Oh! Aksha... Your name, your name defines a blessed one." 

"How did you know?" I didn't know that my name has a special meaning.

But I am not blessed.

"Of course I know, I lived in a mortal before, and I love... What do you guys call it? Research? Yeah, that, well I just find names interesting so I'm reading meaningful names."

I just nodded at what he said. And started to think of how will I escape this place, I'm sure that this guy is a real one, he can easily shift into a wolf. And by that time, I maybe become dead meat in the middle of the forest. 

"May I ask if your words were true?" 

"Yes, I really don't know. And I'm planning to learn about shifting from one." But of course, it's just an alibi so he can help me. Maybe once I become one, Lunaria will show up.

He looks at me intently, looks like he's not satisfied with my answer. I heave a sigh and make my expression looks so miserable. "Well... If you don't want to, I just leave this place. Thank you."

He didn't answer so I started to make my steps away from him. But suddenly, he grabs my arm that makes me flinched a little. 

Shit! I thought I will be able to flee. Damn this Aksha, you're trapped with a real one.

"Where do you think you're going?" I gulped as I glanced at him. 

"Go home?" 

Really Aksha? For all of the answers, that was yours? You're really doomed.

"You can't," He licked his lower lips that make him quite hot, and added, "It's dangerous. And you said that you want to learn the shifting methods of the wolves, besides, the enemies were out there, and ready to attack. Do you want to be dead meat?" 

What does he mean by that enemies? Is it vampires? Oh no! I suddenly remember the girl in the coffee shop.

I gulped and shook my head. "N-no."

"So you must come with me. Come on." I nodded at him and we started walking.

While we are on our way to nowhere, I keep my distance away from him. It's just for my safety, because what if he becomes a wolf and attacks me for an unknown reason, or he is hungry as hell and decided to eat him. That's why I should keep away my distance.

But I want to ask if it's true that vampires are their enemies. You know, it was written in a thousand stories.

"May I ask?" 


"I'm just curious. Is there a vampire right? Is it true and vampires are wolves' mortal enemy?" 

I stared at him when he doesn't answer, but seconds later, he's laughing so hard. What's funny about it? It's a serious question, duh!

"How did you come up with that belief?" He asked and looked at me with a smirk. "Mortals are really impossible."

"So..." My brows furrowed. "It is not true?"

"Of course! They're an ally. The enemies were the same species."

"A wolf."

"Yes." I nodded at him, and we stop in front of a gigantic tree, different from others. 

The tree was filled with colorful leaves, playing from gold to red. It is gigantic, and the fantasy vibes will be felt with it. Its roots were huge compared to the others, and it looks like it's crawling in the ground because it is lengthy, looks like it is hardly pinned on the ground. This tree is looking so special when you look at the others that didn't have leaves, or it has, but the colors were all green.

"I actually believed you when you said you're a wolf."

I glanced at Jestov. "How?"

"The color of your eyes as well as some of your hair strands, but I didn't know what's your color. Basically, you'll know what color are you by the color of your hair. But to you, it is not because there's no golden wolf." 

I glanced at his hair. So he's a gray wolf because his hair is gray? Is this a kind of a joke? Some of my hair was gold, but I am a white wolf. 

"Let's go." My brows furrowed as he started his steps, not minding the huge tree in front of us.

Is he dumb? Are we supposed to strike ourselves to that tree? 

"Hey—goodness!" I shouted as he dragged me and run to reach the tree. I closed my eyes when I saw that we're close to hitting ourselves with the tree.

"This will be going to be fun, Aksha!" He exclaimed, and run as fast as he can.

"Oh my goodness! I don't want to die, I don't—ah!"

The happenings are just a flash of series. I was surprised when we didn't hit ourselves with that tree, indeed, the tree looks like a hologram because we just passed on it without us, hitting it. It was... It was awesome! The feeling was unbelievable, yet, awesome!

I didn't think that fantasy could be a reality. Goodness! I thought I will be dead because of that tree. 

I stopped for a second when I noticed where we are. Goodness! This is indeed a paradise, this place is different from an eerie forest. 

I was amazed by watching some people harvesting, I can see wolves as well, gray, brown was their common colors. The trees were dancing because of the breezy air, there is also a veggie, fruits, and different kind of flowers that makes the whole place magical and surreal in my eyes. The children are playing with joy in the field, following by a pup that looks so adorable. 

"Welcome to the Lunarias Kingdom, the kingdom of the crop."

What the holly! This is paradise. 

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