The party

"Thank you, Mr. Larsen, for dropping us!" Sam said from the back seat. 

After getting a curt nod from Adrian, he got out of the car.

And when I was about to follow behind, a calloused hand grasped mine causing me to turn to him. He observed every emotion on my features with that intense blue gaze. Raising his hand, his fingers gently brushed the strayed tendrils away from my face, as if he couldn't stop himself.

"You looked pretty shaken up back then. You okay?" Concern laced into his eyes. 

For an unknown reason, vulnerability rose in my chest for a second. I wanted that comfort and warmth he provided me the other day in the elevator, I wanted his strong arms around me. But then, I composed myself.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks!" I still didn't pull away from the gentle stroke of his knuckle across my cheek. My body wanted to lean in.

His gaz

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