His claim

I could recognize this voice anywhere. Turning around, my gaze fell on him and the skip of my heart was totally unintentional.

He stood a foot away from us, donning a three piece charcoal suit. He paired it with black shirt, matching tie, and a red pocket square. Hair gelled back and jaw clean shaven - gone earlier today's stubble. As breathtaking as ever. And his sharp eyes were on… me. 

They raked over my body, sensually. And it felt totally opposite when Mr. Blake did it. It was a different kind of shiver. 

When I realized I was checking him out again, my cheeks flared when he remained shameless. 

I averted my eyes.

With powerful strides, he came and stood right beside me. When he put a possessive arm around my waist, I looked up at him I'm surprise. Mr. Blake watched this act and removed his gaze, faking a cough.

"Ah, Mr. Larsen

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