A picture of me coming out of the car with Alex and Sam, another one of me shaking hands with Mr. Blake, me talking to one of my colleagues, me dancing with Adrian. And the last one, me standing with Tiffany and Emma with a glass of orange juice in my hand.

Looking up, my ardent eyes glanced around. 

No one suspicious. Everyone was busy with their drinks and chatting.

Someone was keeping an eye on my every move. 

"You okay, Sofia?" Emma queried. "You look pale." 

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a minute, I'll be back." Excusing myself, I walked away. 

Who could send me those pictures?

My phone buzzed again.

Don't wander here and there too much when you're alone. Who knows, Daddy's little girl can get lost in the swarm of people and never get found?

My fingers clutched the phone

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