Unknown POV

Touching the rim of the glass, he took a lingering sip as his fingers flipped another page of the album. A album where all the mirth that once has been in his life, were imprinted. 

His eyes touched the smiling faces in those worn out photographs. The faces that once provided him peace and happiness. The pictures of his family.

A small smile tugged at the end of his lips. His fingers traced on her soft features, petite form. She was smiling at the camera and his arm was wrapped around her waist in a protective grip.

He could still remember the day when they had taken those pictures. It was during Christmas. 

How beautiful was that day with her…

Then reality hit him, vanishing the smile off his face. His jaws clenched, fingers tightened around the glass in a vice grip.

She wasn't there. His fam

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