The awkward meeting

A woman in her early fifties with a short petite form and shoulder length dark hair stood at the door. The smile on her face fell as a look of confusion took place. Her dark brown eyes took a quick look over me. 

I must admit, even at this age she was very sophisticated and beautiful. 

Who's she?

"Pardon me, but may I ask who you are?" she asked, offering a polite smile.

"Uh, I'm…"


Adrian's voice cut me off. Both I and that lady turned to him.

With the realization hit me, my eyes went wide.

Mother? She's Adrian's mom?

Shit! I was just in Adrian's shirt and boxers and she found me in this state! At her son's penthouse, in her son's clothes. I didn't even want to imagine what she must be thinking of me.

"What are you doing here?" His

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