After the shower, I trudged downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee, wishing it'd help me with my growing headache. Though the medicines Adrian forced me to gulp helped with the pain, it still ached a little.

The memories of this morning flooded into my mind. 

The way he held me in his arms when I had the little panic attack, the way he carried me to the bathroom because he didn't believe I could walk on my own and the way he took care of me afterwards. 

A blush rose up my cheeks.

I wonder what he's doing right now…

Wait, why am I thinking of him again?


I need to stop thinking about him to stay sane. But how could I when he sent several messages to ask how I was doing or ordering me not to roam around much? And of course, I didn't reply to even one of them.

Though he deserved a

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I hate the female lead with passion. she is damn too irritating and stupid ...

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