Chapter 41


“So, we’ll proceed with the injection?” Kiara asked and Sebastian nodded. Her and Richard were with us in the underground secret tunnel. Well, not so secret but anyway.

“You’ll proceed with everything as you planned. However, Ella would be the first to leave, due to being injured. You’d need to have her get out of the games before she actually does die, and there’s the fact that you’ll need to be more careful about who you trust and who you don’t from now on” Sebastian said and Kiara nodded.

“What about those who died in the other game? Why didn’t we give them the injection?” Kiara asked and Sebastian sighed running his fingers through his hair.

“They had their differences with Nikolay and the Ivanov family. We had caught them wanting to plot against them, but that’s a whole different story. Just be sure that everything goes smoothly and that YOU regain your

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