Chapter 2


I watched as the girl, my wife, danced with her father before he handed her to me to have our ‘first dance’ as a husband and wife. This act becoming annoying to me, but I knew that I had to hold it off just a bit longer for the guest’s sake. Not caring whether or not it annoyed Dimitri. I couldn’t care less about what he thought. But if we wanted this ‘arrangement of peace’ to work, then I had to cooperate.

“Hands a bit higher, if you don’t mind” Kiara rolled her eyes on me. Raising my hand to her waist, below her boobs, careful about where she wanted me to touch her. Acting as if she’s never been touched there before. A girl like her was bound to have had at least a number of men at her feet. But I wasn’t one to judge, I couldn’t care less about what she did.

“Believe me, I would rather be anywhere than having my fingers on you” I said pulling her to me. My voice just above a whisper for her ears to hear. I knew that my words were harsh, but none of us cared. We knew and hated one another enough to show it to each other whenever we had the chance to.

“I’m glad the feeling is mutual” she rolled her eyes. Giving me a sarcastic smile, I twirled her once before bringing her back to me. Our eyes meeting, cold as they looked at one another.

“Indeed, it is mishka”

“Oh, we’ve moved to nicknames, interesting” she battered her eyelashes. I was glad that the music was loud enough for the guests not to hear us. Hell might end up breaking loose and I was NOT in the mood for her attitude right now. I twirled the girl and brought her closer to me. Her back was to my chest as I swayed us both.

“I suggest that you tone it down before things get out of hand, mishka” I turned her back around and brought her to me. This time her face facing me, and though she was wearing heels, she still barely reached my shoulders. Her body small compared to mine.

“And if I don’t? Would you be shoot me and putting me out of my misery?” She asked raising an eyebrow. Her voice dripping with sarcasm as it almost always is.

“If it was that easy, then yes, one bullet to your head, and we’re done with you. But you know, with no one to take over your family’s dynasty. That would require you to be alive and to be married to me” I rolled my eyes on the girl who thought that she could simply challenge me.

“Huh, sad, I guess you’re stuck with me then” Kiara rolled her eyes on me. Putting her hand on my shoulder. Her eyes meeting mine, blue to green, both of our eyes showing dislike and distaste toward one another. Both of us knowing and hating why we were doing this.


We got into the private plane after saying our goodbyes to Kiara’s parents. She let out a few tears, I couldn’t understand her worry about her mother. However, Lilian assured her that she would be calling her on a regular basis. Her behavior confused me. But I didn’t bother asking, not that I cared about it anyway.

“Can I change this dress?” Kiara asked me once we were inside. I looked at her still in her wedding dress and nodded pointing to the bathroom’s direction. She nodded and got a white leather bag with her and walked toward it.

“Nikolay” Vladimir hissed under his breath. My best friend and partner glared at me, I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Ivan and Dimitri were both sitting in the front of the plane waiting for us to come. The two of them having left a while before we did, having gotten bored of whatever the ceremony held out.


“She’s your bride, come on. At least be decent enough to say more than two words to her” Vladimir said, I rolled my eyes and sat down. Just as the door opened revealing the girl wearing grey sweat pants and a black long sleeved shirt. Her dress was in her hands as she carefully set it on her chair on the other side of the aisle. Reaching up to the compartment and taking out a bag on her own and putting it on the chair. Opening the bag casually and putting the dress inside it, all while Vladimir glared at me.

I watched as she closed the bag and reached up to put the bag back in its place before Dimitri took the bag from her making her flinch. She looked at him as he put the bag back in the compartment and smiled at him as he closed it.

“You could have called for help dear” he said softly. I raised an eyebrow at him, but he didn’t even bother looking at me. Keeping his attention on the girl who smiled at him.

“I was fine Uncle Dimitri, but thank you for your help” she said softly. Dimitri nodded and watched as she walked past him and sat on her chair. His eyes met mine, shaking his head at me before he walked back to his seat without saying a word while the girl put a few things on the table. Taking a cotton pad and poured some liquid on it.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Removing my makeup?” She answered wiping her eye with the patch.

“Do you want to eat or drink anything?” Vladimir asked “you haven’t eaten anything at the wedding, nor did I see you drinking anything. Well, aside from the drink you and Nikolay had”

“I’m fine Vladimir, thank you” she put the patch down and got another one. Repeating the process a few times before she was done. The plane had already taken off by the time she was done, and I honestly wondered how much time it took her putting all she did in efforts for this wedding. She began removing a bunch of black pins from her hair, running her fingers through her hair as she did. letting out a sigh of contentment before getting up and throwing the now smudged cotton patches.

The waitress brought juices and Kiara smiled taking a glass and drinking from it and putting it on the table. Opening a purse she had placed on top of the table beside her. She took out her tablet and started reading.

“You don’t look or seem to be acting like a bride” I commented raising an eyebrow at her.

“Coming from the ‘husband’ that is paying so much attention to me as his ‘bride’” she said not looking away from the device. I didn’t answer her and went to open my own laptop.


“Welcome home Nikolay” mom smiled when she saw us entering the house. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her hugging her tightly. She nor my sister Grace attended the wedding. Dimitri having refused it due to the fact of us going to make an agreement rather than a proper wedding, and the fact that he did not trust the English families. Me marrying Kiara would not change the fact that we are still somewhat enemies.

“Hello to the new groom” Grace teased hugging me after mom pulled away from the hug. I chuckled and hugged my little sister. she kissed my cheek before pulling away and hugging Vladimir who smiled at her, wrapping his arms around her. Having grown up as siblings, we all acted like it.

“Kiara, dear, welcome” mom greeted Kiara who smiled politely. I had to fight back rolling my eyes at her as I saw her attitude. Mom wrapped her arms around Kiara pulling her in for a hug, I could tell that she was trying to make her feel welcomed. Despite knowing that I would not be caring about the girl.

“Huh, looks like faith has brought me a sister-in-law” Grace teased Kiara. Kiara smiled and shook her head at Grace who raised an eyebrow at her, making her feel somewhat uncomfortable. I knew that didn’t care about the bride, and she was now showing it to Kiara as she rolled her eyes at her before walking toward me. Her eyes meeting mine and I had to fight back the smirk that threatened to make its way toward my lips. Kiara didn’t say a word as she looked down at her feet. Discomfort could be read in her body language, which had mom glare at me.

“Are you going to join us for dinner? Claudia and Adrian should be coming home at any minute” mom said mentioning our youngest siblings smiling at me. I walked toward her and cupped her cheeks before kissing her forehead. She raised an eyebrow at me already taking my answer “I’m guessing that it’s a, no?”

“I have work mom. It’s been delayed for a few days…” I said looking at Kiara who raised an eyebrow at me “I’ll be back late tonight, don’t wait for me”

“Alright Nik, take care of yourself” mom said softly. I smiled and nodded at Vladimir nodding at him to follow me to the office. We had a lot of work to take care of. The wedding having delayed a lot of it. Well, not as much as it normally would have. I just didn’t like the fact of us having made the wedding when I didn’t even care about being with the woman. They could’ve sent her here to the States and I wouldn’t have given a damn about it.

“Boss?” Vladimir asked once he entered my office. I looked at the papers which had been brought to me from one of my clubs. The women there reported to follow up with them on a few tasks I had asked them to get done. Pictures of the men I wanted, the best girls around them having their arms around their necks and getting them drunk for questioning. I could already tell that they had a lot to tell us.

“We’re going to the Rosa Delarosa, Melina just reported back to us”

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