Chapter 3


I woke up to the sound of rain dripping on my window making me smile.

I loved the rain as it reminded me of back home the days and nights that we would be spending outside playing under the rain. Natalie and I would often get scolded by her mum for going inside and being wet. Mum would glare at me but she could not say anything to Natalie about it.

Smiling at the memory. I got up from bed and walked to the bathroom to get done with my morning business. My thoughts going back to this marriage which was already proving to be worst and harder than I had thought it would be. I knew that no matter how much I disliked the idea of this marriage, of having been eloped to a man that wouldn’t bother sparing me a second glance. I had to be sure to try and make this marriage work for my family.

Freshening up, I got dressed in normal black sweat pants and a white V-neck shirt. I tied my hair in a pony tail, wanting to go out and get a few things to make breakfast. I knew that the house had its supplies and I was sure that most of what I needed was going to be there. But I still wanted to see if there was anything else that I could bring with me.

I walked out of my bedroom. Careful not to make too much noise as the doors were all closed meaning that everyone was still asleep. The maids were the only ones up, tending to their businesses as they cleaned or started dealing with breakfast. Finding it a bit hard to reach the kitchen as I didn’t really know where I could find it, and not knowing if the maids would spare me a second glance to answer me if I did ask. I didn’t take my chances and went by luck until I did find it.

“Good morning” I said walking inside finding a woman who looked to be at the age of fifty cutting fruits. Her golden hair tied in a bun, and a girl who was sitting on one of the chairs. Both of them wearing black dresses and a white apron. The girl stood up and smiled at me, her brown eyes meeting my green ones as her smile reached her eyes.

“Good morning” the girl smiled looking at me. Her eyebrow raised as she took in my appearance “you must be the new girl who was arriving. This is my mother Leila, chief of the servants she’ll help teach you everything you need to know. I’m Madeline, but you can call me Maddie” .

“Kiara, it is a pleasure meeting you” I said smiling at the girl whose eyes widened before she took a step back her eyes hardening as she heard my name making me frown in confusion.

“You’re Nikolay’s wife?” Maddie asked looking me in the eye. I nodded not knowing what to say before Madeline nodded at me and went to stand by her mother. Her eyes showing visible anger and annoyance which had me look down at my feet not knowing what to say.

“I came to ask if you needed me to bring anything. I was wondering if I could make French Toast. But I wasn’t sure if there were any ingredients” I said looking at the two women who kept their eyes on me. Leila smiled at me, her smile genuine and reaching her eyes as she put the fruits aside. Though I couldn’t say the same thing about Madeline who was making sure to glare at me for breathing.

“You don’t need to do anything dearest. We have it covered” Leila said gently. I wanted to open my mouth to speak before deciding against it not wanting to disturb the woman who was being nice to me.

“Do you mind if I make coffee at least?” I asked looking at Leila. Her eyes met mine and she smiled giving me a soft nod before showing me where everything was to make my coffee in her kitchen. I smiled and began heating milk and stirring my coffee, slowly brewing it “would you two like me to make you some with me?”

“There is no need to tire yourself with it” Leila said softly.

“I won’t really, please?”

“Sure, I’ll have a cup” Madeline said raising an eyebrow at me before handing me her mug. I smiled and poured the coffee in her red mug, then in a pink mug which Leila brought for me to use. I smiled politely and sat down on the bar while I drank my coffee.

“How was your night? Did you manage to get any sleep?” Madeline asked me.

“Yes, the jetlag caused me a bit of a fuss. But I was fine later” I answered her smiling. Knowing that I was looked at as an intruder in this house. Though I wasn’t trying to be, I was in a situation that forced me to be here. Therefore, I really did want things to work. Whether Nikolay chose to believe it or not. The pressure that was on my head for this marriage to work was one that no one would understand. To Nikolay and this family, it was simply an act of peace which WE needed. However, when it came to me, it was my mother’s life and safety, which were both on the line if I did ANYTHING wrong.

“I see you’ve also invaded our kitchen” Grace, Nikolay’s sister said raising an eyebrow. I looked at her with a similar raised eyebrow, her blue eyes which were a shade lighter than her brother’s met my emerald green ones and I crossed my arms.

“Grace, dear…” Leila started but Grace smiled and kissed her cheek before putting her hand on Madeline’s shoulder, giving it a light squeeze as Madeline put her hand on top of Grace’s, the manner friendly. Both women staring down at me as if I was some pest sitting in their kitchen

“Don’t worry Leila, I haven’t come to speak to her, nor do I want to waste my time on such trash. I just came to get a glass of water and to let you know that Nikolay and the others are awake” Grace said looking at Leila. My chest clenched and I opened my mouth to speak before deciding against it. Knowing that anything I said right now would be held against me. This was initially her house, where I was just the ‘unwanted bride’.

I walked past Grace toward the sink and poured the coffee before washing the mug and walking out of the kitchen without saying a word or waiting for anyone to comment on what I just did. Heading toward the door to go out, I would rather not stay here while being insulted.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Nikolay asked from behind me. I didn’t bother turning around to face him as I opened the house’s door. Knowing that I had no keys to get back inside. But I didn’t care, I just wanted to leave this place before getting more insulted than I already was “I asked a question”.

“Hell…” I said turning around to face the Russian boss. He raised an eyebrow at my answer and I rolled my eyes “I am going to Hell”

With that said I turned around and walked out the door. Closing the door behind me before heading to the house’s gates. My wallet and purse were inside the house. However, it was the least of my concern, my phone being in my back pocket had my cards and everything I needed.

“By the way” I heard from behind me. Nikolay having followed me half way out of the house and to the garden. I turned to face him raising an eyebrow at him, my anger and annoyance visible in my expression. He frowned when he saw my angered expression,. However, didn’t bother asking about it as he took my hand and opened my palm before throwing keys in my hand “I figured that you wouldn’t want to go to hell on foot”

“Thank you, but I don’t want your car” I said putting the keys in his hand. He raised an eyebrow but refused to take the key as he casually shoved the car key inside my front pocket.

“I wasn’t really asking, you are taking the car. I didn’t expect you to be as reckless enough to take a cab, but looks I stood corrected” Nikolay said rolling his eyes at me.

“Oh, look at you being caring”

“Believe me little mishka, I’m not being caring. The car was bought for you by Dimitri, I wouldn’t have minded you going on foot” Nikolay said angrily. I nodded at him and walked away without answering him “the garage is the other way around”

Screw you Nikolay Ivanov…

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So I take it he’s sleeping with the maid

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