Chapter 4


“I don’t understand, why didn’t you just tell her that YOU got her the car?” Vladimir asked when we entered the office. Having heard the conversation between me and a furious Kiara. I sat on my chair while he sat on the one facing me like he usually did when we were talking. I personally couldn’t understand what had annoyed her to begin with, and seeing as the two of us had barely said a few words to one another. I didn’t bother asking.

“First, she wouldn’t have accepted it if it was from me. Second, I’d rather not have her knowing that I was getting her anything. And third, she was dumb enough to be willing to take a cab” I said raising an eyebrow at Vladimir who shook his head at me. It was true that I had gotten her the car before we even got married, knowing that she would need it transportation should she decide to go out. I even hired a driver for her, which I doubt she’d be going out with right now. But I didn’t really care, as long as she wasn’t going to stupidly put her life in danger with any of my enemies. She could rot in hell for all I cared.

“And how are you two going to manage this marriage?” Vladimir asked raising an eyebrow. Showing annoyance at my attitude, but it was no one’s business what I did with my life. If I was married right now, then it was on papers ONLY. Even the girl knew that it. Therefore there was no need to fake anything about the subject when we were at home.

“Is this now our biggest concern? I really don’t give a damn about this marriage, Vladimir” I stated getting annoyed by my best friend’s questioning. He shook his head at me knowing that he was the ONLY one who could do so. Well, that is if you count out Grace. The girl wouldn’t listen to me if I put her on gun point if she didn’t want to, and of course, mom. There was no question there “can we change this fucked up subject, cause it’s getting annoying”

“Sure, we have other things to discuss anyway, what are we going to do about Wilson? The fucked bastard has been plotting behind our backs, and it was HE who wanted a business alliance” Vladimir asked. I tapped my finger on my glass desk the glass of water which was on the desk seemed to be interesting as I thought of the things that I could do to the bastard for thinking about betraying a deal that HE begged for.

“And every one wonders why I hate dealing with the English…”

“He is Scottish though” Vladimir said stopping me earning another glare from me which he knew that he was playing at getting. The amusement in his eyes proved it. Though my own eyes were hard as I glared at him.

“Vladimir, do you have a death wish today? All you have to do is ask by the way. I could do it without even using a gun” I said looking my best friend in the eye. He laughed, his muscles flexing as he raised both his hands in mock surrender. My blue eyes met his brown ones and I could swear I saw mockery in his eyes. Knowing that I was already annoyed. He didn’t care, that part I knew all too well.

“Nah, you wouldn’t do it, you’d miss me too much” Vladimir teased earning a shake of my head at his attitude. The door of the office was knocked and both our eyes hardened. All playfulness gone as I called ‘come in’. I had expected one of the maids to be the one knocking the door.

However, my frown turned into a smile when the door opened revealing my little sister, Claudia who smiled looking at me. Her blonde hair tied in a pony tail as her green eyes looked into my blue ones, I hadn’t seen her yesterday. Having gone out before she and Adrian were back home. I smiled and moved my chair back as she walked toward me, standing up. She threw herself in my arms and hugged me tightly. I kissed the crown of her head before pulling away to look at her more clearly making her smile.

“Mom told us you were in your office. Adrian suggested we wait for you to finish whatever you were working on. But I had other plans” Claudia said smiling. I shook my head at her and kissed the crown of her head again. Her and Adrian were both turning seventeen in a few months. Both having different personalities that people would rarely believe that they ARE twins. But if I was being honest, I sometimes didn’t believe it, and they were MY siblings.

“Vladimir” Claudia smiled as he got up and hugged her.

“Princess” Vladimir used the title we used to call her when she was a child. The man knew that she was his little sister. We may have not been brothers of the same parents. But we sure as hell were brothers by blood and choice. It was not even questionable.

“Viktor is also back by the way, as is Alexei” Claudia said and I rolled my eyes at her.

“Have you decided to start working with the guards or something?” I asked her with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, since you won’t let me help you out do your dirty work. I’ll be working with the guards until I get promoted” Claudia said crossing her arms over her chest making both Vladimir and I laugh at her attitude. She rolled her eyes at me and I raised an eyebrow at her before running toward her and lifting her over my shoulder earning a squeal from her as she effortlessly punched my back “NIKOLAY! PUT ME DOWN!”

“No?” I said walking with her in my arms. Vladimir smirked as he opened the office door and both of us walked out of it with an annoyed Claudia in my arms. She wouldn’t even give up on punching me. It amused me actually.

“Nikolay, put your sister down” mom said raising an eyebrow at us when I entered the dining room. Dimitri had his eyes on me as I put my little sister down. But instead of her going to the dining table she decided to attack me back. Playfully hitting my chest. I shook my head at her and took both her hands in mine, kissing her knuckles softly. She smiled as she looked at me before playfully glaring.

“You two are weird” Adrian commented standing up from his seat to walk over to me. Hugging me as he approached me before he hugged Vladimir, Alexei and Viktor walking toward me. Greeting me as they did, smiling in a teasing amused manner at the fact that I was now a ‘married’ man.

“Where’s your bride?” Mom asked frowning in confusion when she didn’t see Kiara.

“Going to hell” Grace commented rolling her eyes. Proving that she has heard the girl snap at me as she walked out of the house after being insulted by her.


“She went out a while ago” I said keeping my eyes on Grace. The look she had on her face told me that she understood that I knew about what she did. But I didn’t want to upset mom about it. But I knew that she could already tell that I was going to speak to her about it after breakfast.

“Where would she be going? Especially as a newlywed bride” mom asked frowning. Her expression showing clear annoyance. I opened my mouth to answer when Kiara walked inside the dining room carrying a brown paper bag in her arms. Her expression calm as she took out a bottle from the bag.

“Sorry I’m late, I wanted strawberry juice and didn’t find any in the kitchen. So, I figured that I’d go to the store and get it myself”

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