Chapter 7


I was annoyed with Nikolay’s words and the way he had acted.

I walked to the bathroom to avoid fighting the don. His words were harsh, but I couldn’t blame him. He was right, it was my mistake thinking that we could be friends. Especially when I knew that he didn’t want anything to do with me. Having stated it, acted upon it, and even showed it in his eyes. Everyone at his house took the hint. It was me who was being stupid to think to try otherwise.

Washing my face, I took a deep breath as I looked at myself in the mirror. Putting on the best smile I could muster. A skill which I’ve mastered as I grew older. Having been forced to act a certain way, whether I was in front of my family or the other families. I grew up being strong, having to fight my own battles myself. Therefore, I wasn’t going to let this family, regardless of who they thought they were, get to me. I was just as strong if not stronger than that don. He was a man, he had his power, yet

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