Chapter 13


“He seriously hasn’t left his office since morning?” I asked Vladimir walking out of the living room. I went to the kitchen to get something to drink only for Maddie to tell me that Nikolay hasn’t eaten anything all day and everyone was somewhat afraid of approaching his office to give him anything to eat.

“No, he won’t even let anyone in, I tried, got kicked out. You can imagine everyone else” Vladimir said looking me in the eye, his brown eyes meeting my green ones. I sighed and shook my head. I always knew that the man was going to be the end of himself, but I never expected that he’d end up starving himself to death.

“Give me a few minutes” I told Vladimir who frowned in confusion as I walked toward the kitchen. He followed me there and I raised an eyebrow when I saw him walking inside after me. Rolling the sleeves of my blue black shirt, my white sweat pants being low waist were comfortable to maneuver around in. I took out bread, cheese, roast be

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goodnovel comment avatar
Exactly!! He’s an ass.
goodnovel comment avatar
This is how you know Kiaras a good woman! He treats her like shit and she still worries for him and his family!
goodnovel comment avatar
Seriously? He doesn’t give a shit about her and she worries about him missing a couple of meals. Really? She shouldn’t give a crap even if he was starving

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