Chapter 14


“A normal newly married couple give one another love bites, claim one another as lovers, the man is sure to please his wife until she cannot walk…” Dimitri said glaring at both Kiara and I. We were still in the gym having been stopped by Dimitri, Ivan, and mom “but here you two are. Giving one another bruises and breaking each other’s legs so you wouldn’t walk”

“And the issue in that is?” I asked raising an eyebrow. Kiara bit her lip stopping herself from laughing and I smirked. The two of us sharing a glance as we got ‘scolded’ by my parents.

“Since when do you even lay a hand on a woman?” Mom asked angrily.

“In his defense, he did mention that he didn’t. But we decided to break that rule” Kiara said looking at mom who raised her hands in surrender at the two of us. I put a hand on Kiara’s lower back and she raised an eyebrow at me.

“As long as they’re happy, then why are we upset?” Ivan asked looking at Dimitri and mom who glared at

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