Chapter 16


“You are not going anywhere” I said pointing the gun at Kiara who stood frowning. Her eyes searching mine “search her room, and take her gun”

“What the hell?” She asked angrily. Vladimir walked toward her, his eyes cold as ice. He walked behind her and took her gun from her waistband. She frowned and kept her eyes on me as the maids, Alexei, and Viktor stood in front of her. Either searching her room or standing in front of her with a gun.

“My guns are in the last drawer” Kiara said keeping her eyes on me. Her eyes looking at the maids who were emptying her boxes of jewelry on her bed, or opening her lingerie drawers, searching her clothes.

“You will not open your mouth” I said glaring at her “you’re lucky that you’re even alive”

“The gun isn’t even loaded” Vladimir said looking at me. I frowned in confusion and found Kiara’s arm crossed and her eyes staying on me before she moved and walked to her dresser’s last drawer. Opening it an

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Once they cut this out and finally have sex it’s going to be so intense and I’m here for it ......

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