Chapter 18


“Can I ask why you tracked my call in the first place?” Kiara asked walking inside my office. To say that she was annoyed right now was an understatement, but when Maddie walked down and told me that Kiara was asleep, and that she found her holding her phone in her sleep. Her grip tight, and that she worried that she might have gotten a call. Then mom coming out of her bedroom looking troubled triggered me, letting me know that something bad has happened.

“You slept holding your phone. Maddie told me how tight your grip was on it. Meaning you slept out of stress and anger, then mom” I said looking at Kiara as she walked inside the office, her arms crossed over her chest. Vladimir raised an eyebrow at me but I rolled my eyes and nodded to him, Viktor, and Alexei to walk out of the office, they had been with me when I bugged the phone. Though, I did not expect to find a threat from her father toward her, I expected to see that she was working AGAINST us. That

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