Chapter Seventeen

Alessandro's POV

My throat feels like a desert my body feels heavy and this damned beeping thing is really starting to tick me off, I open my eyes only to close them again because of the blinding light. I slowly open my eyes letting them adjust to the brightness of my surroundings, looking around the room I'm wondering where the heck am I, I look at my hands to see a big ass needle in it following the tubes with my eyes I see an IV then I look at my body to see my attire, I'm in a gown so I drew the conclusion that am in the hospital. As far as I can see I don't have any injuries and i don't feel any pain so the million dollar question is why am I here.

Turning to my right I see a button above my bed from my knowledge of what I see in movies I assume it's that button patients use to request a nurse or doctor I press it once and wait a few minutes, it looks like my guess paid off because in no time a nurse rushes into my room a look of surprise on he

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Kylie Davis
I really like jermaine
goodnovel comment avatar
hes no alpha whats it to do with his dad hes in charge not his father!! hrs weak and if she dug her claws in why didnt he use his alpha blood to push her harder!!

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