Chapter Eighteen

Rosalyn's POV

I saw Alessandro punch Jermaine in the nose as I was walking through the hospital doors I then heard him say

"That's for cheating on my mom you bastard" before walking off 

I swear that boy will be the death of me this is exactly why I didn't want to tell him what happened but I can't say I'm not happy he did it if he didn't i would have.

Driving away from the hospital I head towards the hotel i plan on ordering room service tonight I'm too tired to stop anywhere else it's been a long day and I need a shower. I'm still so happy my boy woke up sometimes I would loose hope but right now I'm the happiest mother alive.

Driving into the hotel's parking lot I turn off the car and Alessandro and I stepped out I lock the car and walk towards the garage elevator, pressing the number of our floor the door closes and were off. Moments later where in the hall way of our floor and I lead Aless

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Sharlene Robinson
this chapter is a piss take...... could have just mentioned the songs, it didn't need all the lyrics
goodnovel comment avatar
lot of coins paid just for lyrics not fair
goodnovel comment avatar
seriously..I paid 45 coins just to read the lyrics of songs

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