Chapter Nineteen

Ke'shaun's pov

I can't believe Jermaine how could he do that to me I mean I know I messed up big time with Rosalyn and even though our bond weakened drastically it's not completely gone so even though it's extremely slim I still had a chance with her I could have strengthen our bond, bring it back to full strength. 

I know it would probably take years but I was willing to try and once she started feeling the bond she would be too then I could start winning over Alessandro when he saw that I cared about his mom, now that's all ruined thanks to my so called brother. 

I know father said we shouldn't go anywhere near her but I'm the alpha not him he can't tell me what to do I only said that to Jermaine to make him back off but it seems I clearly under estimated his resentment for our father he would rather go rogue than do what dad says. 

Now that I think about it you know what I don't care if they want t

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Linda G
keshaun your immaturity makes my head spin. rose needs to reject him or accept the rejection if he still feels the bond somehow. that way she can be totally free from his stupidity. rose's dad and Jermaine's mom should go back to Italy with her and Alessandro
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Kershaw
I meant allsandros Nan not mum
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Kershaw
The dad amber an Alessandros mum are behind this I bet

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