Chapter Twenty

Alessandro's POV

After mom left for her date Isabelle came over to hang out, I swear this is so weird I can't believe she's actually my aunt shes more like one of those crazy friends than an aunt. 

After I woke up from my coma we became close and now we're inseparable, I'd say she's my best friend instead of my aunt, I tell her all about my life in Italy and she tells me about growing up here in Cali.

I was kinda sad to know that she didn't experience a completely normal childhood but at least she had her friends who helped her out. She said the saddest part about growing up was watching her dad blame her mom for her illness and everyone treating her like some fragile kid, thankfully her friends gave her some normalcy.

We hung around the hotel stuffing our faces with popcorn and watching movies, we even pulled a few pranks on the staff and other guests here, I had no idea Isabelle was such a prank master.

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goodnovel comment avatar
I have read this before but I don’t know where or which platform. I love this book
goodnovel comment avatar
so the former alpha and the now alphas own father is the one who set this all up and had the pack that was once his own being killed off wow and the alpha listens to everything his daddy says cant wait till he finds out that

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