Chapter Twenty One

Third person POV

Rosalyn woke up on the concrete floor of her small wet cell groaning in pain due to the cramps in her back and neck. Her body felt heavy as she took in her surroundings wondering where she was and how the heck did she get there.

In the right corner of the cell was a small rugged cot she pulled her heavy body there as she tried to remember what happened to her. After pondering over her dilemma which yielded no results she felt something drip from the ceiling onto her neck as she lifted her hand to wipe the substance off her the memories of the day before flashed back all at once like the breaking of a dam.

"Son of a bitch" Rosalyn roared as she remembered what Kevin black had done to her. 

Anger spread throughout her body as she realized she was kidnapped and caged like some kind of wild animal. She tried mind linking Alessandro but it was like a thick fog clouded her mind and her head erupted i

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
since Jermaine is not her mate, she can't reject him...
goodnovel comment avatar
Had a feeling her mom was going be in on this. What a nasty piece of trash. Smdh
goodnovel comment avatar
Soraya Hartebees
Very interesting twist to this story.

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