Chapter Twenty Three

Ke'shaun's POV

For the past couple of weeks my life has been nothing but absolute hell, first it was my debacle with Alessandro and Rosalyn then with Jermaine my dad and Rosalyn and now this. I honestly don't know how to feel, sometimes I wish I wasn't an alpha what happened to the good old days when you wake up, train, do paperwork then relax; what I wouldn't give for those peaceful days. 

Now my brother and my ex-mate are dating my beta's is loosing his mind because his father is sick his fiancée keeps fainting which is putting her pregnancy at risk and to top it all off my dad kidnapped my beta's sister and my brother. 

Who the hell kidnaps his own son I knew my dad was messed up in the head but this is way beyond everything I ever expected, and I don't even want to think about how Alessandro must be feeling right now, his wolf has been in control ever since Rosalyn was taken. the way I saw him torturing that rogue the

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