Chapter Twenty Four

Flashback from chapter 21: 

"Hello Rosalyn dear" she jeers in a sickly sweet tone

Rosalyn was beyond shocked at whom she was looking at but that shock quickly turned to full blown rage when an image of her bed ridden father flashed through her mind.

"Hello mother"


Third person POV (2 days ago

Nora Parker or rather Nora Sanders as she calls herself now smirked at her daughter's reaction when she saw her. She had always hated Rosalyn since before she was born, Nora had once visited a witch to read her fortune and it was there she found out she was pregnant and the witch told her that the baby she carried would cause her to loose someone special to her. 

At the time Nora was having an affair with a mysterious rogue she met in the woods, she had been visiting the witch to get potions to conceal their presences whenever they would meet up and potions to keep her hus

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goodnovel comment avatar
Jacques moi
like I said come Germaine didn't transform way before it got worst. geez I can't believe she got raped
goodnovel comment avatar
Angie Clark Schwind
can't believe you just killed off ROSA AND JER.. not happy

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