Chapter Twenty Seven

Alessandro's POV


All I feel is emptiness. 

Well I wouldn't exactly call it feeling since I no longer have access to my emotions. Its like I'm having an out of body experience just watching my life unfold before my eyes. Never had I ever imagined this would happen, I lost everything. My mom, my family, my emotions, my sanity and lastly my body. 

6 months ago the woman at the center of my world, my mother, died in my arms. I will never see her beautiful hazel eyes again, I'll never hear her gentle soothing voice, she'll never get to watch me grow up and become the man she wanted me to be, I'll never get to be that person now. I won't be able to fulfill my dreams and I won't be a person who my mate will be proud of and be able to love, it was all ripped from me in a split second by one man, Kevin Black.

On that day when my mother took her last breath in my arms, as I felt that unkno

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If he lost all emotions how is able to laugh at his friends. Author never explained how he made these new friends.
goodnovel comment avatar
Alley not ally

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