Chapter Twenty Nine

Alessandro POV


"Mama" he called out

"Mama it's me Alessandro please wake up" he pleaded

"Mia Regina (my queen) please wake up" he continued to cried



I shake my mother's small body urging her to wake up. She looked nothing like the strong beautiful woman I know, instead she looks defeat and weak something my mother isn't.

"Come on momma wake up" I begged as I feel my eyes burn from the unshed tears that refuse to fall. 

I tried projecting my feelings through our bond but it wouldn't work since I no longer had access to my emotions. The downside of knowing how to switch off ones emotions is that it doesn't come back as easy as it goes.

"Mom please I need to know that your really here please open your eyes, I need you" I whispered as my chest aches

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wow ke shaun is a dick and he knows she isnt a gold digger and yet continues to let others to say so its his own fault for not putting others straight that his packs members keep getting killed

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