Chapter Thirty

Jermaine's POV

"What are we going to do alpha that kid is out of control he needs to be stopped he can't go around acting like he owns the place not because he's your son he isn't even one of us plus he's a damn monster I've never seen anyone look so evil in all my life and the way his eyes turn black so easily as if on command no. Should be able to do that not even the ones that are feral" travis one of our warriors present says after alessandro left

"Alpha I know Alessandro can be a bit much but he is right you know your father needs to be put down he has caused so much harm to this pack and his family as well as countless others that we may or may not know of I know he's your dad and so I understand your feelings of confliction in the situation and I'm not just agreeing with alessandro because he's my nephew or the fact your dad kidnapped and tortured my sister I'm saying this to you because it is what needs to be done and whether or not Alessand

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goodnovel comment avatar
Periods help eliminate run on sentences. Grammar sucks. This book is hardly readable
goodnovel comment avatar
wow hes a dick to think his mom would want keep him alive after everything he did and he wants to as well knowing how hes treated his brother and sister all them years let alone the way he betrayed his mother!! he doesn't deserve being peed on even if he was on fire!!

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