Chapter Thirty One

Rosalyn's POV

Sitting in my room my eyes are watching alessandro and his friends pack but my mind is full with recollections of what took place today.

Firstly i still can't believe it my baby boy is back. After all this time i thought I'd never see him again. I honestly thought I was hallucinating when i heard his voice begging me to wake up it sounded far away at first but then it became louder and i opened my eyes thinking it was a dream. When i felt a hand on me i thought it was jermain but then his scent flooded my nose and i looked up and saw him. The first thing that came to my mind was that i hadn't woken up and was still dreaming or it was the lack of nutrients making me hallucinate. But when i heard his voice telling me he was real a part of me was hesitant but i was still hoping what i saw was real and when he held on to my hands and i felt him, the countless emotions that took over had me bursting into tears. It was the most joyous moment

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goodnovel comment avatar
Oh for God’s sake!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Elle Phillips
this is really starting to piss me off
goodnovel comment avatar
Allison Biasi
What hell broke loose ??? Is there a sequel what happened to lily his mate???

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