The life of the lonely bachelor became a rollercoaster ride when he met the innocent and forgetful woman writer who was eager to interview him. He thought that it's just a harmless interaction, not until he realized that welcoming the woman means unraveling his secrets.


Gedeon Aris Calviet was the most sought bachelor. He's rich, powerful, handsome, and—he's immortal. It was his punishment for the mistake he had done before. He almost got everything but, he's lonely.

On the other hand, Viana Myrie "Vivi" Javier is a ghostwriter. She grew up in a humble home with her happy family. She's energetic, hardworking, and she's willing to do everything for her family. Until one job offer came, to create a biography about Mr. Calviet. Because of the big offer from her so-called "boss", she accepted it. 

Their path crossed and they started hating each other, then hate tuned into something special. Later, they develop something between them. Little did they knew that their encounter is not a coincidence—it's fate. 

When Gedeon's started to unfold and spilled, about the curse moon gave to him. A lot of chaotic things happend and more questions left unanswered.

Can Vivi accept him? Is there any chance to break the moon's deadly curse that Gedeon is carrying for a long time? 


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