5 - Treated Badly

The young couple Ye Hua and Wu Xuan'er hurried back to Leaf City without delay. They did not notice the obvious relief on Ye Mo's face at their departure.

While running, Ye Hua gestured with his fingers and a formless energy covered Yin to make sure the travel back would not aggravate her injuries. As cultivators, their speed had long surpassed those of a mortal's and he was worried that Yin's body could not tolerate it.

The little girl could not help but gasp because his energy tickles.

Ye Hua then fell back, making sure that he was just at the right distance behind Wu Xuan'er in case an enemy sneak attacks. Noticing Yin peeking over, he smiled. "Tell us if running fast makes you hurt, okay?"

The ever-'high' Yin gave the young man a toothy grin. "Faster is better!"

She then made herself comfortable in the young woman's arms, cuddling closer and naughtily poking the 'most comfortable pillows ever'.

"Hee hee, so soft."

The young woman turned bright red. "Little Yin! You..."

"Alas, they are almost as legendary as mine back then." Sighing like a sage, Yin eyed the flat lands on her own chest. "Hmph, I can't wait till this midget body grows up. It will only take a few more years, right?"

Her depressed expression caused Wu Xuan'er to swallow her embarrassment. She was starting to understand why her Uncle Mo looked like he had eaten sour plum when dealing with this girl.

"Hey, hey, pretty older sister, can I call you older sister?"

"Aren't you already?"

"Well, I don't know, we look like we are about the same age." Yin nodded thoughtfully, a finger propping up her chin. "Maybe, you'll like to be called younger sister instead."

Who's your younger sister?!

"Will you be Yin's playmate? I promise not to treat you badly."

"How can you treat me badly?"

As if in response, Yin eyed the young man hovering near Wu Xuan'er. "Hee hee, pretty older sister, is he your husband?"

"Ehm." Wu Xuan'er helplessly smiled at the lively little girl in her embrace. "Why?"

"Did he ever treat you badly?" Yin wagged her eyebrows as she poked her 'pillows' again. "Lucky bastard."


"Xuan'er, what's wrong?" Ye Hua ran closer with concern all over his face.

"N-Nothing!" Flustered, Wu Xuan'er ran faster to hide the redness in her cheeks. "I'm all right. We're all right."

Ye Hua furrowed his brows, his tone skeptical. "Why are you panting? Is she heavy? Do you want me to carry her for you?"

"Who's heavy?" Yin shouted in anger. "You're the fat one! All of your family are fat ones!"

Ye Hua was stumped for words. He almost lost his balance. "B-But, I did not call you..."

"I know I'm currently fat in all the wrong places. No need to rub it in!"

Wu Xuan'er coughed lightly. "Hua-gege. She's just being silly. Ignore her."

Thankfully, Yin had fainted because of blood loss. Or anger. Or maybe because she's just feeling way too comfortable being carried in another's arms. No one would ever know. But because of this, the three of them peacefully arrived at Leaf City with no more incidents.

Or so they thought.

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