7 - Wanna Play With Me?

"Ooh, interesting playmates have appeared."

In one of the mansions belonging to the Ye Clan, a little girl in clean white robes sat on the ledge of a window while casually swinging her pudgy legs. A naughty glint could be seen on her young eyes as she had a faraway look towards the southern direction.

Of course, the little girl was no other than Yin, who had actually accepted being called Little Yin for no other reason than that the old fogey Ye Mo would not let her have extra midnight pudding if she did not agree.

Her skin was still marked with wounds and bruises, but her inner injuries were all cured by Ye Hua earlier. Thinking that she needed to sleep some more, he assigned her a room for her to rest in and promised to come back again in the morning.

Ye Hua, known to the rest of the city as Fourth Young Master Ye, is the top healer and alchemist of the Ye Clan's younger generation. He was highly capable, as could be seen from his treatment of her body's injuries.

After feeding her a couple of high quality medicinal pills, her vitality turned robust and on the very same night she was found, she was up and running about.

Truth be told, Yin did not need any healing. The body was dead in the first place, and her powerful soul was the one that activated and revived it back into life.

The reason she had fallen asleep was in fact because her soul had expended a lot of its spirituality in order to settle down inside the midget's body. Her soul was yet to adapt to having an actual living vessel.

As a soul seed of a once-powerful being, despite it being just a ten thousandth part of its real self, it still possessed immeasurable spiritual energy.

To be stuck inside a mortal's body, a kid to boost, meant that it had to seal some of itself to match the body's capability.

However, if she was left by herself for several nights to absorb enough pure Yin qi from the moon, she would have recuperated all on her own.

Ye Hua did save her some time, for which she was very grateful because that meant she could start playing earlier than she anticipated.

"Heh, I should have guessed that miserly Yama boy would not send me here for nothing. If I were to get bored early, he knew that I will come back to haunt him."

With uncanny precision, Yin struck the cold-aligned meridian points on her body, prematurely activating them and she started absorbing moonlight like crazy. She was still sitting on the window sill and she looked leisurely, almost sleepy. swinging her legs, but her surroundings had completely turned into a black hole.

Her body's meridians were fragile and it hurt to have them absorb qi without being tempered, but not even a hint of pain showed on Yin's teasing face.

"Did that miser think I'll let him off from his debts? Once I cultivate back to becoming an immortal, I'll punish him by grabbing all of his ten thousand-year-old nether lilies to brew my morning tea!"

After absorbing enough qi to stuff her body full, she decided to digest the energy by having a walk inside the Ye Clan manor.

"Hey, mister."

She suddenly jumped off the second floor and soundlessly landed in front a black-robed man with a black mask. Like a frightened animal, he jumped away from the shadows and immediately pulled out a sword from the sheath on his waist.

Yin gave him a toothy grin as he shot towards her with killing intent.

"Wanna play with Little Yin?"

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