8 - Seeking Death!

"Wanna play with Little Yin?"

By the time she finished speaking the sentence, the tip of the sword was already a hairsbreadth away from her throat.

'Is she not dodging?' the black-robed man could not help but think. 'Is she stunned senseless in fear?'

But then he remembered her age and realized that she was merely a mortal. Of course, she could not react on time.

Though, this fact surprised him more. This little mortal girl found him despite the cloak of the night, not to mention that he was someone with decent cultivation. How did she do it?

'No matter what, she is unlucky to catch sight of me.'

He was an assassin and his mission was of utmost priority. It might be a pity to kill a child, but this would not be the first nor the last innocent that he had to silence in his trade.

'In your next life, do not stay up so late at night, brat!'

However, this line of thought was immediately abandoned the moment a heaven-defying force slammed into his body, causing his internal organs to be shaken and blood to seep out from his mouth.

He would have puked out the blood when he was hit by the invisible force, but his body's control was suddenly wrenched away from him and he could not open his mouth. It was as if his soul was captured by a giant hand and pulled out from his body.

Unfortunately, it was not 'as if'. It was exactly how things were happening.

To his horror, his soul was hanging above ground, looking down on his unmoving mortal body. The body that had lost its soul stayed rooted on the ground, frozen like a statue made of stone.

The little girl then took a step back and raised her head so that her gaze met with the soul's.

She could see him!

"When I was a kid, I never got to play with dolls. No one has invented how to 'play' back then. There were only survival and fighting and war and destruction, and only afterward... did creatures learn how to 'play'."

The little girl smiled bashfully, but her cute face only terrified the black-robed man's soul to the point of dispersal. However, the heavy force enveloping him would not allow him to disperse. It was a power that even the Heavens and Earth had to bow to. Irresistible. Impossible.

And to think that the source of this horrifying power is this little girl!

"I always envy the humans back then. They get to dress up their dolls and fix their hair, even put make-up on them... How about you? How do you want to play? Should I dress you up? Cut your hair?"

The little girl's sweet, sing-song voice sounded like the knell of the death bell for the black-robed man. No, it was worse. Death was easy. Death was the end. But with the way her eyes sparkled excitedly, he could sense that what he was about to experience was a terror mere words could not describe.

He felt utterly helpless... powerless... tiny as he listened to the seemingly bunch of nonsense she was spouting.

If her words were only a joke, it was going way too far to create such lies. What's the point? Since he was captured, then just kill him!

However, if what she was saying was the truth, this was beyond anything the black-robed man had ever understood of the world. He dared not even think of that possibility!

'Who the hell is this monster?!' he was shouting in his heart. 'Kill me! Just kill me!'

All of a sudden, the man's soul felt a tremor ran through him. The heavy force disappeared like it never existed in the first place. He was freed! He was then yanked back into his mortal body, but he could not help but scream.



The excruciating pain and trauma of having his soul manipulated like that caused his muscles to spasm and bones to creak.

But more powerful than pain was his desire to survive! He knew this was his chance to escape!

The assassin was so frightened out of his wits that he did not notice that the little monster in front of him had lost consciousness and fainted on the ground. There were streams of blood trailing down from her closed eyes.

For him, there was only survival. He ignored the suffering of his body and burned his entire cultivation to get a burst of speed.

So what if his cultivation level would drop down? So what if he might never advance again in the future?

He had to escape!

To never return to this cursed place!

He would not even show his face in the mortal world and hide in the most isolated mountains beyond the main continent!

However, before he could take a step, the wind kicked up and the consciousness of a powerful expert cultivator appeared.

Compared to the pressure from the little girl, it was akin to comparing an ant to an elephant, yet this ant was still a level or two higher than the black-robed man at his peak, much less now that he was severely injured.

"You sure do not know how high the sky and how deep the earth is to actually enter the great Ye Clan and hurt its members! You dare to disregard us?! Is the Ye Clan made of tofu? You are seeking death!"

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