12 - Biting More Than One Can Chew? Spit!

'Niu'er? What kind of boorish parents would give their daughter a cow 牛 character in her name?!'

The old man claiming to be Yin's maternal grandfather was called Shangguan Ke, the Branch Leader and the person with the highest authority among Leaf City's Ming Yue Sect. After the ruckus that Ye Mo caused earlier, all the high-level members of the sect that wasn't in isolated meditation had gone to the entrance to see what the commotion was about.

What they saw made their minds blow up.

The well-known genius of the Ye Clan, a hero of his generation, titled Elder in-charge of the city's security for his depth of cultivation and battle prowess, the "Sword Flash" Ye Mo... that very man was standing in front of the sect entrance with a distressed appearance, as if he had passed through the nine hells just to get in there.

On his arms was a block of ice...

No, it was a body of a toddler sealed in ice.

The chill from the ice had even seeped through the bones of the entrance guards standing by the door that icicles could even be seen forming on their hair and nose.

"Sect Leader Shangguan!" Ye Mo could not help but sigh in relief upon seeing the higher-ups of the sect. His voice was steady and sharp, as if he had no idea that as he stood there, he looked like a pauper. "My daughter is dying from cultivation malpractice. Please, find a way to cure her."

'Since when did you have a daughter?!'

'What cultivation? Is she even old enough to cultivate?'

Everyone was exchanging glances, confused. Ye Mo was a famous individual. Everyone with enough weight and connection all knew his status and family background.

Ye Mo was from the second lineage of the Ye Clan, the smallest branch of the family of Ye. His older brother had died ten years ago in a mission, leaving him with a nephew Ye Hua, who he had also raised to be a sword cultivator like him. Ye Hua, thankfully, was a good seedling who had not failed his ancestors. He became a proper alchemist and swordsman at a young age.

Ye Mo and Ye Hua were the only two living males on the younger generation of their branch family, and if they weren't so outstanding, their branch would have long been swallowed up by the other three lineages.

'What daughter? It was well known that you are a bachelor!'

'Even the third princess of the Ming Yue Sect is said to be pursuing you! But you rejected her!'

'Some even thought you like lads, not ladies, because you dare not touch a woman even if she stands naked in front of you!'

Ye Mo had an honest and upright reputation. So now that he was claiming to have a daughter out of wedlock, everyone could not help but be alarmed.

Of course, as a Sect Leader, Shangguan Ke could neither publicly contend the truth of Ye Mo's words or refuse his cry for help. But he had his doubts, and after letting some of his elders take Ye Mo towards the Guest Hall to wait for news, he decided to thoroughly inspect the little girl.

At the same time, he mobilized some people to dig out intelligence about 'Little Yin' while he tried his best to preserve the little vitality in her body. He even had to call the help of the best alchemists in their sect, Great Elder Zhu Wei and Great Elder Yan Yu, because he could barely fight off the coldness in her body.

The two Great Elders' alarmed cries made him scared.

"Absolute Yin Body!"

"The priceless Absolute Yin Body!"

"The heavens have blessed this little girl with a Spiritual Body unheard of and unseen for thousands of years!"

Greed could be seen through the eyes of the two great elders. Grand Elder Zhu Wei then ordered for her to be brought to a secret room.

The three-hundred-year-old gold-flecked blood lingzhi that Zhu Wei kept in his garden was harvested in order to promote the vitality in her body. Other fire-attributed and Yang-aligned heavenly treasures were used to balance out the Yin qi that her body was emitting.

"We must have her at all costs!" he said excitedly. "We will groom her to be a Saintess-potential for the coming competition in five years! That way, the main sect will surely award our branch with more benefits. We can even be promoted and be part of the main sect!"

Shangguan Ke could not help but think about the consequences. "But she's Ye Clan's--"

"What Ye Clan? I'll accept her to be my disciple. As long as we pay Ye Clan enough spirit stones, no matter how much..."

"There's no need for that," the other great elder, Yan Yu, interrupted. He waved for a shadow messenger to leave. "Why do we need to spend? From the spies we planted in the Ye Clan, they said that this girl is an orphan saved by Ye Mo. If we claim to be her family, then we are her proper guardians. What can the Ye Clan say? I'm sure that Ye Wuqing would know not to bite more than he can chew. Even if he has the guts, we'll have him spit it out!"

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