14 - Don't You Love Her?

"Aaah! Grandpa!"

A pitiful, heartbreaking little girl's cry rang out from inside the hot springs. Patriarch Shangguan Ke, and the Great Elders Zhu Wei and Yan Yu, along with the others waiting outside, could not help but be stunned.

Yin continued to wail. "A-Auntie! Auntie needs help! Quick, help us!"

If the maid was awake, she would have puked out blood and fainted once more in anger.

She's only fourteen years old! Young, fresh fourteen! Which part of her is an 'auntie'?!

In less than a breath's time, the door had been blasted open and everyone ran inside the hot springs, including the guards. Multiple divine senses swept out inside and outside, fearing the appearance of a powerful intruder.

'Niu'er' is now a precious member of the Ming Yue Sect, a favored daughter of Heaven and the Saintess-potential that would lead the entire branch to greatness in the fut

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