Arrange Marriage
Arrange Marriage
Author: NeeNia


"No. This is not happening. Not in a million years"

Ash turned to the Underworld Council shooting glares at all the Leaders and his brother Type. His body tensed when his eyes met Bright  who was trying to avoid looking at him  since the beginning of this week's meeting.

"I can't believe I am saying this but Ash  is right. In the Underworld and never to apposion got marry to make a partnership and peace  ."

Bright  cleared his throat as Ash started pacing up and down the room. The war was over, and they defeated their enemy who is doing a drugs supply in their hole country , beacuse of this all the Enemy's inside the Underworld came up together ,but now everyone want to end this enemy things by starting a new relationship.

It was not entirely untrue that Type, Alex , Sam  and Man had deliberately come up with a solution to push Bright  and Ash together because the rift between the two leaders was taking a toll on the both of them along with their communities. The tension had gotten so severe that even Jia  had decided to play along with what her kids were setting up with Jones .

"Ash, Bright . You two are powerful leaders. Bright , you've the support of the entire Black dragon and Ash, the White Dragon respect you. We are certain that the two of you united would be able to pull the Black and white dragons together. I would hope that you think about it overnight and if you still think it is a bad idea, then none of us will talk about it", Jia  politely spoke to Ash and Bright  who stood on the opposite ends of the room.

"Jia, I appreciate you trying to put everything infront of us in a way that is better than this situation will ever be...but", he was stopped in the middle by Ash who raised his voice and almost gave an announcement.

"I will not marry the Black dragon Leader . And I shall not negotiate."

Announcing this, Ash  rushed out of the room.


"I thought I might find you here", Jia  said as she found Ash in the training arena. He was working with the nife for a change.

"Mom, you have put me in this position before. I am the leader  of the White Dragon and there's no way I'll let you drag me into this mess of an arranged marriage...especially not to Bright . Not after the last couple of weeks I've had", Ash blurted out in one breath.

From finding out about Bright ' just want him beacuse of his position he is just toying him , their fight and then their breakup, Ash is so love with him he even beg Bright to all those things are not true like some pathetic highschool student but Bright he said loud and clear . The worst was the way they separated. Bright  had made it quite clear that he couldn't be Ash boyfriend beacuse Ash is just a pathetic person who doesn't deserve the leader of White Dragon.

"Ash , I know it's difficult but I'm afraid it is our only choice. People are being slaughtered on both the sides recklessly. We can't have an Uprising in the city. The entire Council will put you responsible for it."

"So, I should marry Bright  because the Council wants a peace by destorying my hole life ?"

"Ash know that's not what I mean. We were going to pitch this idea earlier...before the war but then White Dragons knows what happened between the two of you! Maybe this is a good thing and you and Bright  will finally sort..."

"I don't need to be married to Bright  to sort things out between us, Mom. And this isn't something marriage can fix. Bright  broke up with me he broke my heart into million pieces. He is straight and he just want me beacuse I am leader of White Dragon ."

"Ash , I want you to do this... Bright has already agreed"

"What...? He wasn't ready to call me by my name earlier this week and he agreed to do this?", Ash  stopped training and he looked at Jia with shock.

"He just got an intel about 3 his men's  who were mysteriously slaughtered in the alley next to his loft building!"

" who", Ash wiped the sweat off his face.

"Looked like a new enemy!", Jia shook her head.

"I'll go and see Bright ", Ash  sighed. Jia  smiled and gave him a small wooden box. "I had the stone put in a more apt ring for Bright " Ash gave the box an awkward look and then grabbed it before leaving.


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i like that Ash is potrayed as someone that's strong! can't wait to read more btw,NeeNia do you have any social media that i can follow? i would love to know more about you

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