"Good evening, Mr Ash. When should I expect you and your groom at the Tavern on 51?", the Manager greeted Ash as the latter made his way to his suite after his day at the Mansion.

"Tavern...for what?", Ash narrowed his brows.

"You have a table booked under your and Mr. Bright ", the Manager sighed.

"Of course, how can I forget!", Ash faked a smile. "I'll have a word with Mr.Bright about when we will come down for the evening...", Ash shrugged.

"Sure, Mr. Ash. I hope you like whatever we've planned for you!", the Manager smiled. Ash curved his lips into a forceful grin as he walked to the elevator rubbing his temple. What had he gotten himself into?

Ash walked in their suite which was covered in darkness. Bright hadn't returned from his day. Ash  relaxed not finding his husband in their honeymoon suite and removed his jacket throwing it on the table. Heating water, he made himself a cup of coffee as he contemplated texting Bright  asking when he was going to come back. Scrolling through their old texts, he flinched as he read a few "I love you" that they had exchanged when they were still together. Ash hadn't come to deleting any of his conversations with Bright  amidst the war and other complications. There was a new text from Bright  from 5 seconds ago

With Alex. Don't wait up. I'll be late - Bright

Ash rolled his eyes. "Now what about that reservation", he muttered to himself as he dialed the reception to cancel.

The Manager asked him a series of annoying questions before Ash had to yell out of the conversation telling him that they wouldn't be availing their booking. Hanging up the phone, he threw it on the bed and fisted the table to let his frustration out when his wedding ring hit the table making a loud noise that almost startled him. He carefully adjusted the stone back as it shined in his eyes reminding him of Bright , again.


"It's not even a proper wedding, Alex", Bright sighed as he put down his martini glass.

"So, you're telling me that you slept through the first night of your wedding?", Alex chuckled.

"It's strictly political, Alex. Ash  and I are together for the sake of the Black-White Dragon world peace. That's about it", Bright  tried to explain this to Alex...but mostly to himself.

"You two were together hours before all those shot , Bright . That just doesn't go away! I know you hurt him and If I was him it's really tuff for me also", Alex sipped his wine.

"Yea because I want to know all about White Dragon and it doesn't means if he is leader he is very innocent..."Bright smile and Alex chuck.

"He easily feel in love with me and I...''

"You'd be happy, Bright ", Alex completed his sentence.

"I'd have betrayed my people.... I am a Leader first..."

"You actually believe this...don't you Bright ? You are making yourself believe your excuses that led to your break up with your boyfriend!", Alex rolled his eyes.

"Alex..the only reason you're alive to talk back to me because you are my best friend and my annoying brother husband . Today, the Black Dragon  survived because beacuse your  know everything about White Dragon that's why they want this marriage beacuse they if I declare a war against they all die  ", Bright  gritted his teeth together.

"Bright let that boy feel about you and they you betrayed him on the very same day when he is going to propose you ,you think it's easy didn't you to forget about him .  But Any other time in your  life, you'd have let it go...but this time, it was different. Wasn't it? Our enemy's messed you up real hard. Am I right? You let your anger to  control your relationship with the Ash  and everyone can see that except you and him. I am not scared of you, Bright  but I care about you. You've been a bestfriend  to me since the time I became a young  and that is why I am here talking to you right now. I understand exactly what you felt when you pulled yourself away from your boyfriend and I am begging you to think about it. Think about why you agreed for this so-called political alliance in the first place, forgot about your ego Bright just think about that boy innocent face ,you betrayed him but I am sure that Stupid-Bart is still in love with you . It wasn't just the wish to reunite the Black dragon and the white dragon . And don't come back with the revenge shit  because that is not the only reason...just think about it...once..."

"Alex..stop talking", Bright looked pretty annoyed and Alex shut up letting out a huge sigh.

Bright drank one martini after the other until he was too drunk to differentiate between the two Alex he saw in front of him. Alex  tried to stop him but he didn't bother and eventually ended up muting . It was midnight when Alex got hold of Bright ' phone and dialed Ash number. Ash responded in a raspy voice.


Alex was shock what the fuck Mr.Bright really .

"Ash, it's me Alex"

Ash eyes opened as he sat up on the bed. "Where's Bright . Is he okay?", he got worried.

"He's with me...but he is very drunk", Alex sighed. Ash heard Bright  yelling on the other side of the call.

"Where are you, I'll come and pick him up", Ash sighed.

"No...I just wanted to know which room number are the two of you in. I am already in the alley outside the hotel"

"I wonder if they'd let Bright that state. ?", Ash got up and starting pacing up and down his suite.

Ash leave his room and go outside to fetch his husband .

Within a five minutes he see Bright with Alex.

"I got you", he whispered as he pulled Bright  up on his feet.

"Yeah...I got him. Thanks Alex ", Alex node and leave them, God he is missing his husband dick and that bright didn't let him go easily .

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