As Ash and Bright  reached the party, Ash softly gestured Bright  to walk to the table where his family was seated. Type got up and hugged Bright while Ash got him a plate full of salad and snacks. Bright  was not very responsive, owing to the antidote but he obeyed whatever Ash asked him to do. After the party, Ash took Bright to his room and made him lie down on his bed while he got him juice and Pizza. He sat in front of him and stared while Bright  finished all the food and then leaned back on the pillows. He was quiet. Ash  sighed as he kicked out his shoes and jumped on the bed next to him. Bright was in deep thoughts and it scared Ash that the thoughts might meddle with Bright  unstable mind. He had just woken up after being literally poisoned.

"Tell me about London", Ash asked trying to pull out Bright  out of his chain of thoughts. Bright  gave a confused look to Ash.

"What about London?", he asked ba

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