The Cabinet meeting went smoothly. Both the Leaders listened to the worries of the Cabinet representatives and came up with solutions to some issues and need for further discussion on the other. Once everyone left, Bright followed Ash back to his room. Ash suitcase was open on the bed and he was placing his shirts inside from his closet. He had noticed Bright  in the room but chose not to react to it.

"Type told me some interesting facts...", Bright  leaned on the door. "About this proposed trip to China...obviously!"

"About the mission? I knew it! It's not as dangerous as Type thinks. I'll be back before you know it. I just have to catch a gang. It's nothing I haven't done before."

"Yeah, I would have believed you any other time...but!", Bright  sighed. "Ash ..your father  didn't want Type to go on the mission. Do you need further proof of how fatal this could be?"

"Every day in the battlefield

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