It was a welcome surprise for Type and Man as they observed Bright tightly holding Ash hand in both of his hands as driver open the car for Ash . Bright was leaning on Ash hand not wanting to let him walk into the most dangerous mission of the Ash life. Ash softly let him go as he hugged Type and then Man.

"I need my brother back, Ash. Do not mess with it!",Type had tears in his eyes as he pulled his brother into a hug.

Sia also gave him a short hug, "Stay safe". Ash turned to Bright  and crossed the distance between them with long steps. Once he was in Bright  vicinity, he held Bright hand and made circles on the back of Bright  palm with his thumb. Bright  held up Ash hand rubbing their wedding ring.

"Stay out of trouble, Ash", he smiled and kissed their wedding ring. "I'll wait for you right here", he smiled and placed a small kiss on Ash cheek.

"I look forward to our talk", Ash smiled.

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