Bright woke up the next day before Ash did. He groaned a bit as the hard mattress of the infirmary had sprained his muscles. He turned to look at Ash who was peacefully asleep, and Bright  flinched as he felt how much discomfort his husband must have been considering all those tubes running inside his chest. He stroked Ash hair away from his forehead and planted a kiss on it. Ash opened his eyes and they shined as they saw Bright so close to him. Bright ' lips curved into a very endearing smile.

"Morning", Bright whispered cupping Ash face. Ash blinked and leaned in on Bright  hands taking in how his husband felt.

"How do you feel?", Bright whispered. Ash nodded softly.

"Hmm", he tried to talk.

"Hey...don't speak! You'll disturb these tubes that are lodged inside you", Bright sighed.

He was lovingly caressing Ash forehead when Type walked in. "Morning!", h

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