61_ the sword

Third POV

All of the members of the crimson blood pack are gathered by the new alpha. He explains why it was necessary for them to toss some stones to fill in the enormous hole that had been made larger as a result of what those outlaws did. The impact aggravated the hole because the water had been covered over, so they had now work harder to fill it. He has no choice except to turn to another kingdom for assistance because the earthquake returns as they are doing that and it's stronger than previous.

The hole was filled in at the end of the day. They jumped over the fall right away. The soldiers continued to fill the hole flawlessly while the higher -ranking members, such as Alpha, traveled first, followed by children and women. so they won't make the same error as the rogues. But they were unaware that even plugging the opening, the water would still find a way to leak through.

The following morning, the residents of the lower ground arise. They made it to the second level of the
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