62_ fear and danger


As Erich's head struck the sturdy wall of the room, her blood was all over the place. Her blood and her red hair are all over the ground. In disbelief, I did nothing except stand still. Panic and fear...

She coughed after a brief interval, and I was about to rush to her aid, but the elderly guy stopped me because his hold on me never loosened.

It turns out that I seem to be a child, helpless and unable to defend myself over him. Despite the struggle I put him through, he was strong.

"Leave me alone! Get off of me! What have you done to Erich, what have you done to her? I scream in the old man's face over and over, but all he does is grunt menacingly. His smile genuinely creeps my body up from the inside. Those smiles made it clear to me that I was more than in danger.

"Do you think I have any other interests outside my love one? Stop asking nonsense you little one."

The elderly man asked, then inched up to the coffin, dragging me along with him. I was battling valiantly and
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