2_ wait for me


Dark, gloomy, bitterly cold, and deafeningly silent. That was the usual mood in the Crimson Blood Pack's huge mansion. A group of wolves that live underground.

The creatures here haven't even experienced even once taking a glance at the full form of the sun, the moon, or even the whole world. Why? because they were thousands of feet above them.

They were clueless that there was a passageway to the surface. They didn't even know that the passage could be hard and that they would have to get past many obstacles.

So, first they had to learn that there was an escape route from where their clan had resided for centuries.



"Could you please wait for me, Killian? One day you will see once I grow up like the other girls around you. I'll save myself all for you, which means you'll have to wait for me. Huh? Promised. "

I looked at our alpha's daughter as I stroked her hair and smiled at her sweetly. The small child frowned.

We were in my hidden place. In fact, I wasn't aware that she was following me. I was the son of Zeta, one of the four war generals of the Crimson Blood Pack. In the event of a fight, my father received direct orders from the Alpha. While the Alpha can declare war, the Zeta commands the army and plans the war. They also prepare candidates for the future as Eta, Eta, or more.

"Do you think I was joking? Or did you think it was a joke because I was ten years younger than you? "

I awoke from long thought when the little child's feet tramped on the ground. I seem to irritate her quite a bit.

"Hahaha, of course, no Serena, I'm just thinking I'm the only Zeta son in our pack. Do you adore me so much, Serena? What if you meet your match someday? You must tell your vows to your soon-to-be mate, not to an ordinary wolf like me.

The little girl, at seven years old, looked at me seriously. I can't help but smile. Her beauty can be seen from a young age, and she will undoubtedly become more beautiful as she grows.

Her emerald green eyes shone in the sunlight. Both her rosy cheeks and lips were flawless.

The question, however, is whether she will still like me when she turns eighteen.

I close my eyes as a sharp pain hits my chest.

"What's happening to you, Killian?" I opened my eyes and saw the worried look on the little girl's face. I wish I had the right to stare into those green eyes every day, but I'm aware I don't have the right to.

I examined my canvas. I painted the landscape. This is the only place I love in this dark place. And with that little kid inside, it seems perfect.

Serena constantly expressed her admiration for me and her wish that when she grew up, I would become her husband. I brushed it aside. Not only was she too young, but she was also the Alpha's daughter. Of course, our leader would rather want her daughter to marry a man her own age, or at least his mate, than a simple man like me.

I take a deep breath. What was I thinking? Why should I compare myself to this little girl's future husband? I care for little kids who are ten years younger than me.

As a result of my shame, I immediately collected all my scattered belongings. What on earth was I thinking?

"Serena, your father was probably looking for you."

The little child took my hands in hers and there it was again, the chest pain.

Why do I keep feeling pain when this little kid is around?

I shook my head and pretended not to feel the pain.

Until we reach the palace.

"Where the hell have you taken my daughter, young man?"

I jumped in surprise when the Alpha exclaimed, "He wasn't far from us." I pushed the girl in front of the alpha.

"Alp... aaaaaaaaa"

I just...

I stutter as I close my eyes. I can't find the words to tell him that his daughter followed me. How was I supposed to convince him that I hadn't stolen Serena and that she had followed me without my knowledge? He would no doubt tell me, I'm so weak I don't even notice his daughter. I take a deep breath...

Don't get mad at Kilian's father. He didn't make me go with him. I was the one who followed him down. I was curious about where he would go with his collection of paintings, and besides, he would be my future husband. I need to know what he was up to! "

My eyes widened as I processed what I had just heard. My head shook.

She didn't say that, did she? She shouldn't have said it that way! She could not ...

The Alpha approached us with his daughter. I'm still stunned at his seriousness, and I swallow hard as he stares at me.

"What are you trying to say, little one... about him being your future husband?"

The Alpha asked, while his stern gaze was still fixed on me.

I'm dead, I thought inside my head.

I had no idea Serena would say it out loud considering how many times she has said it when she secretly sees me, like when she was sitting across from me when my dad had a meeting with the Alpha, or she saw me in one of the quiet spots.

I'm not sure how a little seventeen-year-old could say that to a seventeen-year-old boy and think that she was seven.

"Are you thinking of marrying our son, Zeta Serena?" The Alpha asked, and his daughter nodded.

And what Serena said made me want to pass out.

"I tell him to wait for me until I grow up."

"Do you like Killian that much, my princess?" Serena nodded in response to the Alpha's question.

"If that is so, he will now serve as your personal bodyguard. Do you hear me, Killian? First of all, I would like to entrust you with the responsibility of protecting my princess in any way you can.

My eyes widened in shock. From that day on, I was Serena's personal guard. He wasn't sure if that was good or bad back then. He doesn't have a choice. That was her Alpha's command.

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