3_ steal


I looked around to see if anyone was around to catch me if I stole my father's horse, but there was no one, not even my obnoxious security guard, Killian.

I regret letting my father know about my young obsession with him back then due to his saving my life when I was seven.

But a handsome seventeen-year-old boy I was obsessively following at the time grew into a goddamn divinity, and a lot of girls were chasing him now. However, I was the one that guy was tailing all the time, and much to my shame, he wasn't chasing me because he liked me or anything. He just followed my father's command, no more, no less. Even if I were a princess, he kept repeating that. When I was too young to I used to cry because it was so horrible, but as I got older, I also despised him. I keep begging my father to reverse his decision, but he thinks I grew up a brat and now more than ever I need a guard.

I immediately rushed to the Phoenix location. That was the horse's name. I touched the horse with a sneer on my lips.

"I'm sorry, father..." I would just borrow it for a while. That was my thought, and then I grabbed the strap and pushed it away from the house, hoping no one would notice when I started riding Phoenix. When I felt it was far enough away, I slowly rode through it. When I was sufficiently far away, I made Phoenix sprint faster...

I enjoy horseback riding because it's the only way I can feel liberated. I giggled quickly as the wind ruffled my hair. I let the gentle breeze caress my skin.

Living on my father's estate most of my life makes me feel like a prisoner. Just like the people my father locked up after they betrayed him. So if such an opportunity presents itself to me, I will seize it with both hands.

Luckily, I was the daughter of my father, the Alpha of the Crimson Blood Pack. My first name is Serena Kopper. And I am convinced that even if I were a stubborn daughter, my father would never let me go to prison because he adores me.

For most of my life, I could only see what they called the sun when I escaped to our mansion for a while. There was a time on our planet when we could only see the sun's rays, and there was one area that I particularly loved.

My father didn't want his daughter to leave the confines of the property. When I was seven years old, I came dangerously close to death when I got strangely lost in the wilderness. Luckily, Killian saved me, and that was the first time I fell in love with him. My father has numerous opponents (aka other packs) and he doesn't want me to be in danger again. I understand that, but I was actually a strong-willed family member, and despite the fact that I was a girl, I was a smart, stubborn girl.

I want to do many activities that only men can do, like horseback riding, sword fighting, duels, and traveling to new countries. I despise being called stubborn. Assume that I'm only stubborn when it comes to achieving my goals.

"Woaaaaaaaaa"The horse comes to a halt in the most breathtaking spot I have ever seen on this earth.

There were various flowers covering the ground, a few trees in the area, a nearby waterfall and a large number of birds that would soar up singing but then fly over a hundred holes, adding a bit of brightness and energy to the area, which is why I like to stay here.

I'm confident no one has attempted to enter this place, as it remains my family's domain. And my father forbade anyone who wasn't a member of high society to visit. However, if you were an ordinary wolf living outside the richest line, you would be interrogated and the soldier would certainly drag you to the dungeon with just one wrong answer.

I walked through the falls with a smile on my face and saw the crystal clear water descending from above the mountain to the body of the falls. This isn't a really big waterfall, but it's quite mesmerizing. A unique flower grows between the rocks and earth surrounding the lake.

Even the smell was enticing.

I take a deep breath and soak up the delights of the place. I sat down by the water so I could touch it.

But after a while, I find myself yearning for more.

As a result, I decided to strip down to my underwear and swim for a moment.

My smile widens as I step into the water. I immerse my body in the water and then feel the cool water while staying relaxed.

"How I would like to stay here," I murmured...

You love this place, don't you? "Are you even capable of escaping just to be here?"

My eyes widen as a male voice speaks from behind. "It was Killian." As a result, I technically stopped breathing.

I was ready to get up when I realized I was completely naked and without the water, this guy would see me whole.

"I thought you didn't see me." She sighed loudly. I slowly turn around, but the guy throws my clothes at me as I do.

Seriously, "put something on before you turn around."

How dare he throw princess dresses like that?

Nevertheless, I am forced to wear wet clothes.

When I finished dressing, I quickly walked over to the guy.

As usual, he is dressed all in black. His pierced golden eyes glared at me. I imagined an invisible plume of smoke drifting across his pointed nose. His kissable lips were tight and close together. His jaw was clenched, indicating he was angry.

Even when he was angry and his massive body covered my whole body and barely allowed me to stand, he couldn't intimidate me. Maybe I'm sighing, or maybe I'm adept at hiding my worries.

How many times have I advised you not to just escape through the mansion? Your father would scold you again. When will you mature, young lady? You act like you're seven years old. It's like you were a kid when I met you.

I swallowed hard. My tears will fall, but I'm trying to hold them back. I should have gotten used to his nagging words, but I doubt I would have. Because his words always hit me right in the heart, I looked him in the eye and said confidently:

Since then, I have evolved. As you can see, I'm not the young lady to be hopelessly in love with an idiot like you. "

I went back to Phoenix. Nonetheless, I came to a halt as a crossbow was fired at me.

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